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  1. Default San Francisco, Yosemite, Los Angeles, Las Vegas..... help

    Hi travelers!!!

    IŽm new in this great site! honestly.... awesome job!!
    IŽm spanish (sorry for my poor english). I have been in USA the last 2 years with my wife, but only in Las Vegas. This year, weŽll go again to LV (we are poker players) and we have though to spend more time knowing places like San Francisco and Los Angeles. We havenŽt decided too many things yet, but these are our options:

    Option 1: San Francisco, Yosemite, Los Angeles, Las Vegas
    Option 2: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas

    As you can see our idea is to finish in LV, but we donŽt have clear if start in SFO or in LA. Right now I preffer the option 2, I would like to go to LV crossing Yosemite park and death valley, but I donŽt know.... we have like 18 days for the whole journey.

    Well... opinions? Which route do you think is better? any suggestion? any tip would be great!

    When I have more details about the trip IŽll update the post!
    Thanks in advance.


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    Default A full loop.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To see both coast and mountains you might just be better off to do a complete loop trip out of Vegas, or from either of the other two, depending on the best value for flights and car hire costs combined.

    It will save having to go back and forth and would look like this; LV >Yosemite > SF >LA >LV. On route to Yosemite spend some time in Death Valley and take a couple of days down the scenic coast Highway between SF and LA. Travelling in that direction will put the Ocean and ocean side viewpoints on your side of the road.

    You would have the option of heading to the south rim of the Grand canyon from LA before returning to Vegas. That would depend on how long you want to stay in each place and the time remaining.

  3. Default finally LA-SFO-YOS-LV

    Thanks Dave!

    Yeah! we thought in this possibility also since flights from different locations (Madrid-LA & LV-Madrid) usually are more expensive than a round trip flight. But finally seems that round trip price is only 300€ less than 2 diferent finally we have decided that our trip will be: LA-SFO-YOS-LV

    Our initial plans are:

    LA - 3 nights
    SFO - 3 nights
    YOS - 2 nights

    Obviously still we have to think through these plans, specially about what to do and what to see, depending of that we could add more days or not.

    Regarding the distance between LA & SFO and SFO-YOS-LV I am totally lost.... am I wrong if I think in 1 day is enough from LA to SFO driving along the coast and stopping in different locations of our interest??? (Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Monterey....) Maybe would be better to get a hotel in the half way?

    Same question about SFO-YOS-LV.... How much time do you think I'm gonna spend? from SFO to YOS I have clear that can be done in like 4 hours.... but what about Yosemite to LV, death valley.... 1 day also?

    Well.... still too many things to think about... step by step.

    Thanks again and sorry again for my poor english ;-)

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    You certainly need at least an overnight stay along the coast, and a 3rd day wouldn't be a bad idea if there is a lot you want to see. The drive alone via the coast is about 14-16 hours - roughly double what you need if you stick to the freeways.

    You can do Yosemite to Vegas in a day, but you might consider shortening the drive by departing in the afternoon over Tioga Pass and spending the night somewhere like Lee Vining or Bishop.

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