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    Default Fort Lauderdale (Miami) to New York May 2013


    I know this route has been asked lots on here, but I haven't seen one that suits our needs.

    We will be getting off a cruise ship in fort Lauderdale, picking up a car from the airport and starting the drive to new York. We love long drives and have allocated 6 days/5 nights for this leg. We want 2 nights in Washington DC. So basically we have 3 nights or 4 days to get from fort Lauderdale to Washington DC.

    Ideally we will take the coastal route through Florida and then go inland to DC. Using Google maps I quickly came up with an example itinerary.

    Day 1 from fort Lauderdale to Daytona beach.
    Day 2 from Daytona to savannah.
    Day 3 from savannah to somewhere a few hours away from DC.

    I'm hoping you nice folks can give me a an idea if this route is okay. I'm also happy for some alternate routes.

    Thanks heaps, Rick

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    Default That Would Work, But...

    ...It leaves you spending two days to get just 470 miles laid down, and still have about the same number of miles for the single third day. That's certainly doable, especially if you really want to see Savannah and/or won't have a full day available to you on day 1. To get a general idea of what's available to you on some alternate routes, look at my responses to this concurrent discussion of a roughly similar trip.


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    Default My mistake!

    Thanks for the reply, I wrote this post in bed last night but this morning when looking at our itinerary I realised we've allocated 4 nights to get from Fort Lauderdale to Washington DC. I thought it was 3.

    Day 1 Fort Lauderdale - Daytona Beach
    Day 2 Daytona Beach - Savannah (we aren't fussed if we stop here or not but it looked like a mid-point)
    Day 3 Savannah - Charlotte
    Day 4 Charlotte - Richmond
    Day 5 Richmond - Washington DC

    Does this seem doable?


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    Default No Problem

    That makes for a very relaxed pace of only 5 hours of driving (or less) each day. That is a very sustainable pace, and would let you wait out the morning rush hour in whatever city you spend the night in and still get to your next destination before its rush hour.


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