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    My family from florida (husband and 2 girls - 7 and 4) are planning to stay a week in Maine with family. We need to drive. Can anyone give me some good ideas along the way? Would like to get there in 2.5 days. Need a few good stops to break up the trip, and maybe good ideas for places to stay along the way. Thanks

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    There simply may be too many miles and not enough hours for your trip to be completed safely as is, let alone with adding significant stops. Miami to Portland is three solid days even before you factor in the inevitable delays you'll experience in getting through Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, New York, etc. Even Jacksonville to southern Maine would be pushing it in the time frame you're looking at. Are you sure you can't add some more time to make the drive safe and enjoyable for your daughters?


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    yes we can add a day or two.

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    Default In That Case

    There are three different options, depending on how much time you can add, where you're starting from/going to, and your interests. There is the relatively straightforward run up I-95, which is really the only option if the trip is at the long end of the 'Florida' to 'Maine' range, but is still not devoid of interesting places to take short stops. If you're starting out from somewhere in far northern Florida, and only going to somewhere in southern Maine, and can add at least a day, then a couple of more interesting options open up. Where you'd end up spending any given night would depend, again, on where/when you start out, which route you decide to take, and where and for how long you plan to stop each day. So go over those three general routings with your family, see which one works best for you, and then we can get down to brass tacks. Enjoy the planning!


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