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    Default New to group looking for advise

    Good morning to you all
    We are heading from Barrie, ontario, CA to Kissimee florida in a couple of weeks. I have been told by many ppl that 1-75 is the best route to take however I am wondering if and why ppl do not drive via Buffalo NY and then pick up the 1-75 around Cincinnati, OH? Even the book tells you to drive thru London and Detroit then down 1-75. Hoping for answers and advise
    Really finding some interesting post on here!

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    Default Your choice.

    Hi Taffy, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    I can't answer your specific question, but the beauty about a road trip is that you can decide which route you want to take. Looking at the map, there's probably not a great deal of difference in the distance.

    However, right now you might like to keep an eye on I-75 in TN. It may or may not affect your trip.


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    Default Where did you see that info?


    I'm not really sure why you would have seen advice to go through London and Detroit. What was the book you referred to?

    Here's the most direct route, with a couple of RTA's recommended attractions....

    Scroll in to see the route and click on the icons to see our descriptions.


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    Default Along Interstate 75 by Dave Hunter

    The book we have is Along I 75 DAve Hunter
    Its a really good book We would like to drive down 400 hwy the QEW to Buffalo then pick up the 175 We have done the Virigina mountain route a couple of times and this time figured we would try 175 but we are not sure why it sends you to Michigan

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    It's easy to see why it sends you through Michigan:

    Being that you want to take I-75, I ran Barrie to Cincinnati through my mapping software, and the fastest route is:

    Cross the border at Sarnia
    I-94 to Detroit


    It also shows this way as 35 miles and 10 minutes longer, and I think I WOULD take it to avoid Detroit:

    Cross the border on the Peace Bridge
    I-271 around Cleveland
    I-71 to Columbus
    I-270 around Columbus
    I-71 to Cincy
    I-275 around Cincy to I-75

    Picking up I-75 any farther north will add considerably more miles and time. If you must see I-75 north of Cincinnati, then you should go via Sarnia and Detroit.

    Please note what's been said - there are huge delays in northern TN on I-75 right now!

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    Default Tennessee authorities were saying "3 hour delay @ the detour" as of yesterday

    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    Please note what's been said - there are huge delays in northern TN on I-75 right now!
    Rather than lose whatever advantage taking I-75 might bring to your RoadTrip experience, you will be well-advised to determine what the status of the detour or lane closing is expected to be when you depart. The detour is described as a 3 hour addition and I've been on the roads the detour takes. They're terrible. Even if the detour is no longer present and they've got a single southbound lane open, you can expect serious traffic backups as you approach and get through the lane closure. I-75 between Cincinnati and Knoxville, TN is very heavily traveled, and a lane closure around the clock is likely to produce a huge delay in and of itself.


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    I get the impression it's going to be months, not just weeks, before the southbound side of I-75 will be repaired and reopened. They do expect to have a single southbound lane opened on the northbound side "sometime this week" but as Foy said, there will still be delays.

    I have been on I-75 when it's been down to 1 lane for construction, and the delays were terrible.

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