Hi folks,

Not been on here for a while, managed to organise our last trip (PCH) without hassling you at all !

Anyway, planning a trip to Florida in November and thought I'd ask for some expert advice/opinions. In simple terms, we've got 8-9 nights available for a little roadtrip (got a few nights either side for Orlando).

Here's the criteria:

* Won't be visiting Miami or the Keys as we've done these on a previous trip
* Would prefer not to stay anywhere for just 1 night but would do if necessary
* Would like a couple of nights in Clearwater and also to see a bit of the Everglades

So far, my rough plan is to head from Orlando to Clearwater, down the coast then across to Fort Lauderdale before returning to Orlando. Sounds simple enough but I'm struggling to really decide where we should be breaking up the journey. Also, if there are any lesser known 'must see' attractions on route. I've planned to visit Kennedy Space Center as a day trip from Orlando so no need to include this.

Sorry for the long post and many thanks in advance for any advice.