Hi there, people who are smarter than I am!

I'm Nicky, and I'm planning on seeing the grand old US of A the summer before I start doing grown up things like being responsible and having a steady job and other such nonsense. Basically, as a military brat, I didn't grow up in America, but spent most of my life bouncing around the Middle East and Europe. I think it's sad that I'm technically American, but know very little about my "homeland" other than what I learnt out of textbooks. Myself and my three best friends (also military brats) made a pact to travel the US before we go lead our separate lives, and when we were young we thought it was all very sensational and probably very heavily influenced by Jack Kerouac, but it actually seems very much a reality as of now.

So before I start any heavy research, I wanted to hear from experienced roadtrippers. We figured renting a camper with beds and a fridge - all we really require - and hopscotching from campsite to city, splitting gas and food costs four ways. I heard you could bathe and such at campsites. We're hoping to avoid motel costs... Our start point would be Washington DC, and we would be working down the East Coast first, towards Texas and Mexico, before wrapping back up the West Coast. So basically moving counter clockwise.

Yeah that's as far as we've gotten. Any and all information would be hugely appreciated, as you can tell by my sheer ignorance.