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  1. Default Colorado Springs, Colorado back home to Michigan - Things we should see?

    We are heading back home to Flint Michigan from Colorado Springs on Sunday and want to make more of the drive than just getting home. We know about things closer to home but any tips we could get regarding the other 800-1000 miles in the midwest would be helpful. Any must see landmarks or small towns with unique things in them? We don't tend to enjoy anything that is too "touristy" if you will, but some off the path things would be interesting to see. We don't have too much extra time so camping or hiking is not much of an option. Other than that we are up for just about anything be it nature related, small towns with cool sites to see, etc. - we can take multiple routes so states that are in play are Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Northern Missouri, North Indiana - Illinois (we have been to Chicago more than enough)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    One of the most effective ways of enjoying the States you mention, is to get onto the two and four lane roads, off the Interstates, and through many of the little towns scattered throughout the countryside. Each of these settlements has its own attractions, places where the locals go for their day trips and vacations. By speaking with the locals - not only in the visitor centres - you will find out what they are, and where. This way I have stumbled upon many a gem which one would never find in a guide book, or on the internet.

    Safe travels.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Assuming you drove out to Colorado by the direct route through Chicago, Des Moines, Lincoln, etc. I get the impression that now you've looking for something completely different rather than just different stops along the same route. I'll also assume that your leaving yourself at least a day and a half more than the two and a half days it took you to make the drive westbound. So. with those assumptions, what I'd do, looking at possible routes home. is make a big sloppy 'S' around the direct route, first going up to Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park CO if you haven't already visited it on your stay in the Denver area and then using US-34 and I-76 to join up with I-80 and/or US-30 to follow both the Platte River and the Old Oregon Trail, rejoining your westbound route at Elm Creek and duplicating it for awhile until Lincoln. At that point, break off southeast via NE-2 and I-29 down through St Joseph (original eastern terminus of the Pony Express), Kansas City (Truman's home), across to St. Louis (tons of things to see and do including the Arch, Grant's Farm, the Zoo, etc.), and then up through Indianapolis to central Michigan, avoiding Chicago altogether.

    Now, that route will take about half a day longer than the direct route, which is why I say you would need to have at least four days available so that you'd have the time to stop a few places and make it worthwhile. But it's certainly one option.


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