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  1. Default Family trip from Atlanta, GA to Cedar Rapids, IA

    I would appreciate some advice on sites to see, taking in mind we are two adults and one pre-schooler driving to a family wedding at the end of June. We need to arrive for the wedding on Friday and will stay through the weekend. So these are my plans so far.. I would love feedback and also any ideas on routes and things to do on the way.

    Wednesday- Leave early and try to make it ( with stops) 8 hours to St. Louis Missouri ( I went to grad. school there)
    Thursday/ Friday morning- St. Louis Zoo/City Museum, Hotel pool
    Friday- Drive the 4 hours to Cedar Rapids
    Friday-Sunday Cedar Rapids for Wedding
    Monday- Drive to Chicago ( Time with family living in the area)
    Tuesday/ Half day Wednesday- Chicago ( Stay with Family)
    Wednesday afternoon- Drive 4 Hours and stay somewhere on the route ( any ideas where a good place to stop 4 hours from Chicago on the way to Atlanta)
    Thursday- Finish the trip to Atlanta
    Friday back at Work

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    I think your time estimates are a bit off.

    It is about 560 miles from Atlanta to St. Louis - so to get there in 8 hours, you'd have to average 70 miles per hour. Adding in plans for a couple of stops, and a more reasonable expectation for this leg of the trip would be 10-11 hours. St. Louis to Cedar Rapids is @290 miles, putting your time closer to 6 hours. Just to add a bit, the last day would be around 9 hours of travel (500 miles.)

    Having written that, what kinds of things would you be interested in seeing?

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    I have to agree with Tim that your travel time estimates are way too optimistic. They're even more hopeful than the already over-optimistic projections you'll get from google.

    Remember, while you might be able to average 70-75 mph while on the freeway, you'll be averaging zero when you're stopped for fuel, food, and other breaks. Also remember that the drive from St. Louis to CR includes large sections of 2 lane roads with towns and intersections. Your days are certainly reasonable, however, just keep that in mind as you are planning your day.

    Heading back, I might look at Louisville as a stopping point. Its going to be closer to 5 hours from Chicago, but there is the Louisville Slugger tour and several other family friendly museums to consider for a quick stop, or it would set you up nice to take a morning tour at Mammoth Cave as you head home.

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