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  1. Default San Diego to Grand Canyon? Need help planning

    We are planning to go from San Diego to Grand Canyon. We also want to see Hoover Dam. We have about 7 days for this trip. We are travelling with young kids so we need to stop atleast every three hours for an hour during the road trip. I do not know where to start the planning part and all your help will be appreciated. Here are some questions that may be a start.
    1) Are there other destinations that we can do along the route or in the near vicinity along with Yellow Stone and Hoover Dam. We are visiting the west coast from the mid west and would like to make the max use of this time without stressing out the children
    2) Could you suggest some interesting routes. How long would our road trip take with our plan to stop every 3 hours for an hour - if thats possible. I do not want to drive in a car with screaming restless kids :)
    3) Would Indian Reservation or the South rim be a good idea for us (I am thinking the South Rim - what are your thoughts). We are interested in seeing the canyon and the might of it and we are hoping to take shuttles or tour buses where we can with the kids.
    4) We would like to stay in a good hotel (four stars or atleast three) during the travel and at the destination. Any input is welcome.

    Please share your thoughts about any questions i have not asked.

    Thanks you very much.

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    Default Good timing.

    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Nothing worse than restless kids in the car, and stopping every three hours or so seems the way to go. That is what we used to do, when ours were young. It will allow you to cover an area of around 150 - 200 miles. So maybe breaking the trip up into bite size pieces is the way to go.

    You might like to look through this thread for places to have a break along the major routes.


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    Default Confused.

    Hi there.

    At the moment I am struggling to understand exactly what you have planned.

    Are you flying to San Diego ? Where is your trip ending ? [What next after the Grand canyon] How does Yellowstone fit into your plans ? [I would imagine that is a typo as it would add 1700 miles !!]

    The South rim of the NP is where I would head. It's where you will see the GC 'proper' [the North rim being the other part of the NP that might be too much out of your way] as in all those wonderful photos seen the world over.

    If you can tell us what your plans are after GC, we can then give better advice on how to plan your trip. [Perhaps a loop back to SD] If this is part of a much bigger trip, it also helps sometimes to see the full picture.

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    Sorry for the confusion SWDave. Th trip we are planning is from San Diego and back to San Diego since we will stay here for a few more days. The Yellow Stone perhaps was a conscious error - because i was wondering if we could fit that in. From your comment i am guessing we should not try.

    Thanks lifey. Wil chk it out.

    We have a large sedan - but for this trip i am wondering if it might be worth it to rent a minivan - any thoughts there.


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    Default A loop.

    In that case I would consider creating a loop trip, out and back along different routes to see more contrast. Much will depend on how much time you want to spend of your week actually at the Canyon. On the way out, and to include Hoover Dam, you could go through Joshua Tree NP and/or The Mojave National Preserve to the Dam. From there you could head to Kingman and have the option of travelling part of old route 66 through Seligman to the Grand canyon via Williams and Tusayan. You could exit Grand canyon via the east kiosk along Desert View drive, which has many viewpoints of the canyon along it's lenght. Just outside the park you might like to visit the Cameron Trading Post before heading towards Flagstaff. Nearby are Sunset Crater and Walnut Canyon.

    You could then head back to SD via Sedona and Oak Creek past Montezuma Castle NM towards Phoenix before heading West. Near Gila Bend is the Sonoran Desert NM also.

    That would equate to almost 3 days of driving, so you would have to pick and choose according to your schedule, plus there will be other options I'm sure. Although each area will break up the days journey.

    The Yellow Stone perhaps was a conscious error - because i was wondering if we could fit that in. From your comment i am guessing we should not try.
    This not being one of them. ;-)

    A large Sedan should be OK, although you don't mention how many Kid's !

    Oh, one more thing. There are shuttle buses at the GC south rim that you can ride when there.

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