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    Hi ... Were a 50+ (she being 50 and me being +) couple taking a 29 day roadtrip starting in Denver late May going through Kansas City and St. Louis we have booked 2 nights in Memphis 3 days after arriving ... From there were going to Clarksdale MS ... From there we have 5-6 days to get to Williams AZ where we are booked 1 night and the next night in the Grand Canyon ... From there the next 3 nights are booked in Las Vegas. From Las Vegas we have 8 days to get to San Francisco where we are booked for 3 nights and then we have 5 days left to get back to Denver for our flight back home. Any suggestions on the trip and places to see on the way would be very helpfull. Thanks all in advance for your help.

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    Day 1 = Arrive Denver
    Day 2 =
    Day 3 =
    Day 4 = Overnight Memphis
    Day 5 = Overnight Memphis
    Day 6 = Clarksdale, MS
    Day 7 =
    Day 8 =
    Day 9 =
    Day 10 =
    Day 11 =
    Day 12 = Williams, AZ
    Day 13 = Grand Canyon
    Day 14 = Las Vegas
    Day 15 = Las Vegas
    Day 16 = Las Vegas
    Day 17 =
    Day 18 =
    Day 19 =
    Day 20 =
    Day 21 =
    Day 22 =
    Day 23 =
    Day 24 = San Fran
    Day 25 = San Fran
    Day 26 = San Fran
    Day 27 =
    Day 28 =
    Day 29 = Denver

    Is that correct?
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    Yes Rah Rah more or less. We are only stopping for an few hours in Clarksdale to see the Rock & Roll Museum and then from there we were thinking about Dallas. We would like 1 day in Denver before we go home and we were thinking Salt Lake City on the way from From San Francisco to Denver.
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    Default Some thoughts out of the City.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have a great trip to look forward too. As you have tied yourself into particular places at particular times I would suggest you look at things of interest to you and your party and see what fits. After a nights rest in Denver you could possibly make it to Kansas City next day, but it would be a full day on the road. You could spend the morning there before heading to St Louis and the same next day before heading to Memphis. Oklahoma and Albuquerque could be a possibility for stops on the way back West. You have choices either side of I40 that you should check out.

    I would consider heading to Santa Fe and towards the Four Corners on the way to GC. A soak in the natural hot pools at Pagosa Springs, a visit to Mesa Verde NP, and then to Four corners and Monument Valley would be some highlights.

    After GC on route to Vegas you could detour onto part of old route 66 through Seligman and stop at the Hoover Dam. From Vegas take a trip across Death valley and then to Sequoia NP before heading to the coast around Cambria. Spend another night in Monterey having had a lovely scenic drive around Big Sur on the coastal Highway.

    From SF head to Yosemite NP, a true natural wonder !! From Yosemite you could head through Tonopah to Southern Utah, spending the night in the wonderful town of Springdale and visit Zion NP. Next up you could stop in Moab and Arches NP before heading back to Denver. An extra day [or two] if you could juggle things at this end of your trip would be rewarding if you also enjoy natural wonders. Perhaps a day or two less getting to San Fran and that added on when you leave. I doubt altering your bookings would be a problem with so much notice. Of course it's up to you to decide as your plan comes together.

    This is just based on some of my favourite places and there are literally thousands of options, so get out a good map, search the RTA site for ideas and as you get dots on the map, keep asking questions and we will help fill in the blanks and to 'fine tune' your trip.

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    Thx for the hints Dave .... I had already decided to drive the Route 66 part from GC to Vegas. We love our natural hot pools here in Iceland so I´ll have to look at Pagosa Springs. I´m looking into the other places you talked about. Thank you very much,

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    Default To Go With

    Dave has given you some good advice regarding your trip, so I'm just going to chime in with a few 'special' spots that might fit in with one of your stated interests - Rock 'n Roll. In Memphis, everyone goes to Graceland, of course, but to me the real shrine in that town is the old Sun Studios where the early music happened. Then just a short detour south of I-40 is Lubbock TX where Buddy Holly and the Crickets got their start. A little more in the kitschy side is Winslow AZ and its tribute to the Eagle's "Take It Easy". No Rock 'n Roll themed visit to San Francisco would be complete without at least a quick stop at the location from the Summer of Love, Haight/Ashbury. And although it's not directly connected with the song, I defy you to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and not hum a few bars of John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High".


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    The reason I asked is that it doesn't look like you have five days to get from San Fransciso to Denver based on what you posted in your original post - if you depart SF on Day 26 and are flying out on Day 30 and want to spend a day in Denver before you leave, you need to do a lot of driving to make that happen to arrive in Denver by Day 29.

    I'll post thoughts on filler stops along the way between where you're already reserved - there are some good things you might want to consider!

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    SF to Denver can be driven in 2 long days with no sightseeing - so there's some room in there for some sightseeing.

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    Day 1 = Arrive Denver, depart to Salina, KS; stay overnight in Lindsborg, KS (Little Sweden) at one of the really cute B&B's there.

    Day 2 = Wichita, KS for lunch, Tulsa, OK for dinner, overnight in Little Rock, AR

    Day 3 = Enjoy Little Rock, AR

    Day 4 = Overnight Memphis
    Day 5 = Overnight Memphis

    Day 6 = Clarksdale, MS --> New Orleans, LA

    Day 7 = New Orleans, MS -- Baton Rouge --> Houston, TX

    Day 8 = Houston --> Austin, TX

    Day 9 = Austin --> Lubbock, TX

    Day 10 = Lubbock --> Albuequerque, NM

    Day 11 = Santa Fe for the day

    Day 12 = Albuquerque --> Williams, AZ
    Day 13 = Grand Canyon
    Day 14 = Las Vegas
    Day 15 = Las Vegas
    Day 16 = Las Vegas

    Day 17 = Las Vegas --> Joshua Tree/Palm Desert

    Day 18 = Three Rivers, CA
    Day 19 = Three Rivers, CA

    Day 20 = Oakhurst, CA
    Day 21 = Oakhurst, CA

    Day 22 = Monterey, CA

    Day 23 = Half Moon Bay

    Day 24 = San Fran
    Day 25 = San Fran
    Day 26 = San Fran

    Day 27 = San Francisco --> Reno (Lunch) --> Salt Lake City

    Day 28 = Salt Lake City

    Day 29 = Salt Lake City --> Denver

    Day 30 = Fly home

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    Default Day 1 alert !!

    Please do not consider arriving after an International flight and expect to clear customs, collect your car rental and drive 450 miles to KS. Your body clocks will be out of 'Whack' and you would have had a long and tiring day. The excitement will keep you going for a while, then you will start to feel weary quickly. I would find a nice Airport Hotel, relax, have an evening meal and get rested up.

    If your flight is an early arrival you could get an hour or so under your belt same day, but I wouldn't recommend any more than that.

    As you can see you have a bit to ponder and many suggestions to work with.

    Enjoy the planning !!

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