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    Im a new member of this forum and found it about a week ago and been lurking around since. All i can say is wow what a great place this is and by just looking around I've been able to find so many answers and useful tips already. I do however need some more help from you guys so i can make the most of it so here are some info about the trip and any help is greatly appreciated.

    We are 2 couples flying in from Stockholm-SF this summer and after spending some time in SF we will be making the drive down along highway1 to LA were we will visit some friends. So far we got our trip planned out but we have a window from 11-13th of June were we will check in at the cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. What we do know is that we would like to visit the Grand Canyon and to make a quick stop at the hover dam on the way to vegas.

    So my question is what route do we take and do we have time to se other sights as well? The priority for these few days is to see as much as possible but still be able to enjoy it without rushing to much. I was thinking of maybe staying one night at the rim and 1 night somewhere else but don't really have an idea of where so any comment would be helpful. Maybe Phoenix, Sedona or Flagstaff is worth a visit?

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    Default Glad you like it here !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !!

    If you had an overnight stop on route to the GC, it would allow you time to go through Joshua tree NP and perhaps some of old route66 through Amboy and Oatman to Kingman. You could spend the night in Kingman or surrounding area. Lake Havasu City is home to London Bridge, bought by an American and shipped brick by brick from England. Continue to GC next day and visit part of the park and enjoy a sunset. Next day, explore more of the canyon and make your way to Vegas, stopping at the Hoover Dam on the way. In one direction [either out or back] you can get off I40 onto route 66 through Seligman, home of some classic Diners and 'oddball' Memorabilia stores.

    You could 'Hot tail' it to Willams or Flagstaff on day 1 and from Flagstaff head north on US89 and enter the GC along Desert view drive which has many viewpoints and leave by the south kiosk to Tusayan to create a nice loop. There is Sunset Volcanic crater and the Cameron Trading post nearby. Sedona is also a possibility, but don't underestimate the time you need to fully appreciate the South rim of the Grand canyon. A full day, or 2 x half day's is what I would recommend.

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    Thanks for the answer. I think I'm going to take your advice and go through Joshua tree NP and some of old route66 through Amboy and Oatman to Kingman to finally end up in Flagstaff for the night. That would give the whole following day in the Grand Canyon to enjoy some of the sights and a good nights sleep before heading to vegas.

    Is there anything special on this drive that i should look out for? Also does anyone know of a good lunch spot or dinner place a long this route that you could recommend.

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    Default Maybe one or the other.

    You won't really have time to take the detours mentioned and get to Flagstaff same day, without a very long day on the road and very little time out of the car. As I pointed out in the previous post, that you may have misunderstood, you can get to Flagstaff same day, or take an overnight stop and visit Joshua Tree etc on the way, but to do both would be pushing it.

    To get to Flagstaff you could stop in Kingman for lunch and have a look around.

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    Thanks again Southwest Dave. I don't really know what to expect or what to see on the way to the Canyon thats why i figured i could make it in 1 day. But it seems like it might be a little much so I'm thinking I'm just going to take my time and drive the rout discussed above and then book a hotel for the night while driving up there when we got a better idea of how far we will get.
    We will have an iPad with 3g access so we can easily look up hotels close by when its time to get off the road. If we end up staying in Kingman will it be better to drive up north at Williams and make that loop u talked about but the other way around(Tusayan-desert view drive) and then end up going towards Flagstaff?

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    Default Good idea.

    My personal preference is to enter via the east entrance and Desert View Drive, the same way as the Colorado river flows below the rim. The first wonderful views of the canyon are from the Old Watchtower and are quite open of the Colorado River and then you start to make your way to the main section of the canyon. Some may think I'm daft, but for me it's like stating at the beginning and building up for the big finale !! lol.

    Good idea just to roll along and see where you end up the day before.

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    Default A reason to enter at Tusayan.

    There is an IMAX theathre in Tusayan where they show the movie of the Grand Canyon. Seeing that, before you actually go to see the Canyon, helps one to understand much of its history, geography, geology. etc. and the many sights you will see. I had been to the Grand Canyon twice before I saw this movie. It made me realise just how much I had missed.


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    I decided we´re going to put the priority on the Grand Canyon. We are going to leave super early monday morning to beat the traffic then head towards Yosuha Tree-Tewntynine Palms-Amboy-Oatman-Flagstaff. I don't think that route will be to hard of a drive if we skip to enter the NP and just drive by places mentioned above. Then we can enter the Canyon early tuesday morning thru desert view drive and make that loop u recommended.
    Are there some good spots for lunch and dinner there or do i have to plan and bring my own? I read that the El Tovar was supposed to be good so i guess dinner over there is a good option since it is towards the end of our loop.

  9. Default SF-Cambria Highway 1


    On the 7th of June i will make this drive and is wondering if anybody has some advice on great stops along this route or close by. I pretty much have all day but want to make it in time to Cambria before sunset. I drove this route with GF once before but the couple who is going with us will experience it for the first time. Heart Castle or seal observatory does not have to be mentioned since I'm planning on visiting them the following day.
    Last time i drove this route i felt i was missing out on some great spots in surrounding areas since i didn't know what to look for. Im still not sure what I'm looking for but if anybody know a good view of the half moon bay or some redwood trees besides from what u see from the road that would be helpful. Also if anyone can name a few places to look out for while driving that would also be helpful so i don't miss them.
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    Default Others

    Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park should certainly be high on any list of scenic wonders, even along a highway such as the PCH which is full of them. And as long as you're including everything from San Francisco to Cambria on your request, a few others are in the towns of the Monterey Peninsula including the walking tour through Historic Monterey, 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, and Point Lobos State Reserve.


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