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  1. Default First BIG family Roadtrip w/ 2 kids

    This is my first time on here and also planning a road trip. I need help!! I am not familiar on how to use the road trip map to plan this out. We live in CA and are heading to KY in June to visit the Makers Mark brewery. Drive time is one of my worries with 2 kids (age 4 & 8). We recently took a trip to Yosemite, which was 5.5-6 hours and they did quite well. I don't know how much longer they could handle in the car. My husband and I didn't travel much as kids and really want to take the opportunity to see places and for my kids to see what else is out there. We definitely want to stop in Ogden, UT (family) & Clay Center, KS (friends) and then Loretto, KY (brewery). What are some places in between that would be good for us to see? I have no idea for the route back. Maybe NM or AZ. We don't have a specific time frame, maybe 2-3 weeks.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Which features of the map are you having difficulty with? If you're looking for attractions along your route, you can enter the start and end cities of your trip in the map wizard, then select "Make My Route!" This will give the path between both locations. Then, you can click the "Find RoadTrip Attractions" button. This will put up different flags of various attractions along the route which you can then click on to read more about. If you need more features, such as setting waypoints, etc. this can be done with the map center. The instructions for use are on that same page, however, if you there is something in particular you need help with, we can provide that.

    With children of those ages, I would suspect that multiple long hour days in the car would make them weary. One day is one thing, but 8 days is quite another. With 3 weeks you give yourself more breathing room. If they are fine, then you get to see different places. If they are restless, you'll be able to make more stops.

    Where in California are you heading out from? This can make quite a difference in recommended stopover points.

    Cheyenne looks to be smack in the middle of your Ogden - Clay Center leg, and at about 440 miles, fits nicely into an 8 hour drive. Alternatively, you could head to Denver and nearby Rocky Mountain National Park.

    The Maker's Mark distillery is a nice place to visit. The layout reminded me of many of the historic homes I have visited over the years, with the added scent of bourbon in the air.

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    Default Kids first

    One thing I would strongly suggest is that you really think about your kids as you develop the plans for your trip, and actively get them involved (at an age appropriate level) in the planning process. Find some options of things you think they might like, and let them decide which looks most interesting to them.

    The is true for any family trip, but I point it out after seeing bit of a red flag in your post when you list your final destination as a distillery and the only non-family stop you mentioned along the way is a brewery, neither of which will likely be all that interesting to an 8 or 4 year old. That's not to say that you shouldn't visit these places, of course, but I think there's a whole lot to be said about the approach you are taking when you say you are "heading to Kentucky to visit Makers Mark" as your primary destination, as opposed to saying we're going to Kentucky to see Mammoth Cave and/or the Louisville Slugger museum, but we also want to see other things like the Makers Mark distillery.

    When planning your trip, I wouldn't plan to go much more than 500 miles on any single day, so you have time to at least make a couple short stops each day of the trip. Even spending an hour having a picnic lunch at a town park with a playground can be a simple way to break up the day when traveling with small kids.

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    Hey Mass Tim, when I entered in starting address (Menifee, CA) to ending (Loretto, KY) it gave me a route that was south. How do I put in my in-laws address in UT, so that it takes me that route? After reading Midwest Michael's comment, I think I should have worded a little differently. My husband received an invitation to the Makers Mark distillery and we thought this was a good opportunity to take a road trip and see places we have never been to before and see family/friends along the way. So technically KY is just another stop.

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    Thank you Midwest Michael for responding. I agree about making this trip all about the kids. I am apologize for giving the impression we were just headed to a distillery. I definitely want to make this a fun, memorable trip for all of us...especially the kids. Like I said to Mass Tim, KY will just be one of our stops. I like the 500 miles in one day. I think I am really going to try and stick with that. I am thinking Bryce Canyon to be our first stop and then onto Ogden, rather than the full 700+ miles. Thanks for your input.

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    when I entered in starting address (Menifee, CA) to ending (Loretto, KY) it gave me a route that was south. How do I put in my in-laws address in UT, so that it takes me that route?
    You will need to use the Map Center to do that instead of the Map Wizard. You can add waypoints.

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    Default Two seperate trips perhaps ?

    A rough outline of your route would cover around 4600 miles of road miles, or roughly 10 x 8 hour days behind the wheel with basic stops. With just a day at each of your In-Laws and friends and one at the Brewery that would be 11 days gone, so with just 2 weeks you really won't have much time to spend exploring with the Kids. With 3 weeks it would become much more fun and be far more relaxing.

    I can understand that a Brewery [or any type of invite] can ignite road trip fever, but unless you can spare the 3 weeks, I can't help but wonder if you would be better off seperating the two things and have a family road trip and a little 'Adult time' for the brewery [if poss]and fly out there. The trip from Clay Centre to Loretto and back to Oky [for example] would add almost 1250 miles to your journey, or 3.5 to 4 days of your trip.

    Springdale [Zion NP] would be a nice stop over on route to Ogden and if you headed towards RMNP after, as mentioned, you could go via Flaming Gorge Res and Dinosuar NM. On the way home the Grand canyon South rim would be on my 'to do' list and you could visit the Petrified Forest and Cadillac Ranch [Carhenge] near Amarillo. There are many more oprions so take a look around the forums and at a good paper map to see what appeals to you. As well as creating RTA Maps you can simply click the map to find listed attractions along your possible routes.

    As and when new questions crop up just ask and we will try and help fill in the blanks.

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    We have decided to do the family road trip and not go to KY. Its just too much driving and we don't want to put the kids through all that. Our plan is to just go to Utah. Would you suggest for us to stay in Springdale? How about the Driftwood Lodge? OR would Bryce be better for us to visit?

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    Default Good choice !

    Springdale is a wonderful little town right on the doorstep of Zion NP, a true gem with family friendly walks along the Virgin River and others. How long are you planning on going for ? If you still have a couple of weeks or more than why not visit Zion and Bryce canyon and perhaps more.

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    I am thinking total trip to be no more than 2 weeks. What other areas of UT are "kid-friendly?"

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