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    Hi all.

    I am planning my honeymoon for this sep to drive from NYC to Miami. I have located places that I would like to visit but was wondering if there is anything that I will be missing. My route is as follows. NYC - seaside heights - Atlantic city - philadelphia - washington - Richmond - charlotte - Columbia - Savannah - Jacksonville - orlando - Miami.

    Obviously i will be going to the main attractions but was wondering if there was any hidden treasures that we could visit on our way? We have already hired a car and will not be booking accommodation until we are there as we do not know how long to spend in each city.

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    The thing about honeymoons is that they're probably among the best vacations people ever take. But that's largely because they are almost inevitably taken at a relaxed pace in a romantic location (or at most a couple of romantic locations). I don't see that being the situation in your case, but if that's what you and your spouse-to-be have jointly decided on, then so be it. I would start by spending at least a full day (and by extension two nights) everywhere you stop. Unpacking/packing is going to get real old real fast. So you're looking at needing at least a couple of weeks for your proposed journey.

    I'm not sure what you would consider "the main attractions", but since your itinerary is heavily weighted to urban environments, I'm going to instead offer a few great natural locales where the two of you can get off by yourselves on some great, quiet, solitary walks. Such opportunities start surprisingly early on your trip with Wharton State Forest in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. I would then suggest that after Philadelphia you take MD-213 down through Chestertown MD and then cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge into Annapolis before hitting Washington. Just after Columbia SC there's Congaree National Park, and in Georgia, of course, there's Okefenokee Swamp.


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    We will be arriving in NYC on sep 10th and staying there for 2 nights. From there we will be driving to Miami so we literally have nothing planned in the cities where we stop off. i am from the UK so i am unaware of the hidden treasures that are in these cities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Staples4 View Post
    We will be arriving in NYC on sep 10th and staying there for 2 nights.
    That will put you in NYC on the anniversary of 9/11. A very special day to visit the memorial site.

    Quote Originally Posted by Staples4 View Post
    I am from the UK so I am unaware of the hidden treasures that are in these cities.
    Do you have a large detailed map of the US, or maps of the eastern States? Or a good road atlas? These may be of great help in your planning. Good maps have a great deal of detail on them, all of which you can research on the internet.

    To obtain a good map or atlas, try the link above. Rand McNally is a really good one, and my favourite.


  5. Default Is Richmond, VA worth stopping over?


    i am driving from NYC to Miami in September and we are going via Richmond. isit worth stopping over and visiting sites or isit just really a town to stop in for a couple of hours?


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    Default it depends

    I guess it really depends on how much time you've got available and what you are hoping to see.

    Its always "worth it" in the sense that every town has things that are worth exploring for a few days, but you always have to balance that with the time you've got available and what the priorities are for your trip.

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    we dont really have a specific time or priorities. We would like to see old and new America. by looking at the reviews online, am i right in guessing that Richmond is good to see the history of USA?

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    If you want to see historic places in Virginia, I'd recommend Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Fredericksburg over Richmond.

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