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    Default Honeymoon West Coast Trip September 2014

    Hi All, this is my first post so sorry if I've put it in the wrong place!

    My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon for the year after our wedding (to give us something to look forward to post-nuptuals) and hoped to get some tips and ideas for our planning

    We want to fly to LA and fly back from LA (to make flights and car rental cheaper!) and visit

    San Fran,
    Grand Canyon

    We will have around 2-3 weeks so we could possibly add other places in but we're not sure where else is worth a visit at this time of year?

    Does it make sense to fly to and from LA? Our plan was use LA as our base and travel to the other areas from here - so for example spend a couple of days in LA when we land, head off to San Fran for a bit, head back to LA for another day or so, and then travel out to Vegas & Grand Canyon and then head back to LA to fly home...

    With this, would it be possible to visit San Diego too or is that going to be added too much?!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A loop makes perfect sense for what you are trying to do. LA could be a perfectly good place to start, although I'd also shop for prices into SF or Vegas, and pick the one that is cheapest.

    In addition to the places you've mentioned, I'd also certainly include Death Valley and Yosemite, and San Diego could work as well. If you get up closer to 3 weeks, there are also a few parks in Utah you could look at. What I would not do is double back to LA between SF and Vegas, as it needlessly adds miles and keeps you away from some great scenery.

    This basic loop is the most discussed route on the forum, so I'd suggest you start by looking around - these are a few of our favorites - and get a good feel for what your options are. Once you have some more specific questions, then we can provide more specific help.

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