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  1. Default New York - Miami by car

    Hi there!

    My girlfriend and I are planning a road trip this summer. We have about three weeks, 21 days, and it will be around 16 July till 6 August.

    We have started with som ideas:

    -16 July: leave Oslo, Norway and arrive in New York.. Stay in new York and do all the standard sightseeing and shopping. My girlfriend have been there once before, but I have never been there. So she has to do some things over ;) we are planning to stay there for about 4 nights, and leave for washington DC in the early afternoon on Friday 20 July.

    -20 July: google maps tells us that the driving will take about 4-5 hours non stop. Is that right? Is there anything important to see along the way? in washington dc we only plans to stay 2 night. We will have the whole Saturday 21 July, to see the main things, than leave early in the morning on Sunday 22 July.

    After Washington dc we are a little unsure what to. We have seen that the I-95 goes all the way to Miami. We are planning to visit the Disney world in Orlando, who is a little of the I-95 road. We don't know if the I-95 is the best way to go, is it? It is probably the fastest, but maybe not the most exciting?

    We want to arrive Miami sunday 29/monday 30 july, so we could have 7 days on the Miami Beach :)

    We need ideas and tips for the road trip 22 July to the arrive in Miami 29/30 July, where we will leave the rental car. no need of a car there if we just going to relax? The only plans we have on the distance is a visit to the Disney world for 2 days.

    We need all the ideas and tips you have :) Roads, must sees, cheap sleeping places, city's, everything... Our interest are evertything actually, but we really likes rollercosters :)

    The hotel in new York and Miami we want to spend some money on, but the sleep overs along the way we want to go low budget :) cheap hotels, motels, camping lodges?

    How is it with a convertible by the way?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default You won't want a car in DC.

    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    May I suggest that you not drive from NYC to DC. Both cities have good public transport and parking is expensive. You would be far better off, picking up the car after your stay in DC. There is a fairly regular train service between the two cities, which takes about 3 - 4 hours.


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    Thanks for the tip :) it will be followed :)

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    Default The South, the Summer, and convertibles

    Hello Enga86,

    As much as I love a convertible, I can tell you with certainty that they're hard to enjoy in the South in July and August. Any amount of time on the road, in the direct sunlight, with temperatures well into the 90s, and with high humidity make for a difficult and tiring day behind the wheel. We see very few convertibles with the top down in summer. Everyone is accustomed to air conditioning.


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    Hi again!

    Sorry for the very long time since your replies on the topic to our response.
    We have now readed all your replies with ideas and hints..

    This is our plan

    Monday 16 July - Friday 20 July
    City: NYC
    Hotel: Chelsea Inn (452 USD)
    What to do: all the standard NYC tourist things.. Sightseeing, shopping etc...


    NYC - DC transpored by bus


    Friday 20 July - Monday 23 July
    City: DC
    Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites Reagan National Airport (365 USD)
    What to do: sightseeing and visit historic places


    We choose to go for your recomandation and suggestion to pick up our rental car on Monday 20 July in DC like you said.

    From DC we go with the car heading for Savannah. Since this is a long distance to go, I guess there is not much time for traveling around the interstate for sightseeing. Is there any must sees on that distance?


    Monday 23 July - Wednesday 25 July
    City: savannah
    Hotel: savannah motel 6 (72 USD)
    What to do: open for ideas on what to do on the Tuesday.


    Leave Savannah and head for St Augustine. Since the distance between these city's isn't to far, we have time for spending some time either in Savannah before we leave, or on the way, or enjoy st Augustine by arrive early. What do you thing?


    Wednesday 25 july - Thursday 26 July
    City: St Augustine
    Hotel: knights inn St Augustine (60 USD)
    What to do: head for Disney world early morning or stay the day and arrive late in Orlando?


    Leave st Augustine and head for Disney World...


    Thursday 26 July - Saturday 28/Sunday 29? (depends if we leave early or late from st Augustine) we thing it's enough with 2 full days in the Disney world.
    City: Disney world area
    Hotel: ?
    What to do: Disney world

    We are a little bit unsure about this part of the trip.. We need to find out more about the hotels and the ticket prices etc in Disney world. We are very open for suggestions here! Hehe :):)


    Sunday 29 July - Monday 6 August
    City: Miami
    Hotel: royal hotel south beach (7 nights 655 USD)
    What to do: beachlife and relax

    Most of you thinks 7 days in Miami are to long. But we are a couple who enjoys the beach and warm weather. Remember we are from Norway, and only have one warm month a year ;) earlier we have been in southern Europe for 14 days on the beach.. So we really enjoys it... But of course, we want to explore Florida more than the Miami beach. The keys, fort launderdale etc...


    For now, what do you think? The city's along the way, the type of the hotels and prices, staying periods etc...

    We have followed many of your suggestions I think.

    Thank you so far!

    Have a nice day

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    Two days for Disney is very little. There are four different theme parks, The Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood, Epcot Center and the fairly new Animal Kingdom. Even a full day at each would not allow you to see and do it all. There is also Downtown Disney, an area of shops, restaurants and night spots as well as Cirque Du Soleil, a wonderful circus type show.

    The Keys are very nice but a trip to Key West and back from Miami would require at least two days.

    Quite frankly, it seems you are cramming to much in to too short a time.

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    I'm with Charlie -- you could spend at least a day in every one of those Disney parks, and then another day at Sea World (if you wanted). I'd allow more time, if I were you. Just Harry Potter World in Universal Studios is a half day in itself.

    Also, while you know you'd love the beach, you can get too much of a good thing. There are things to see and do in the Miami area, or going over to Tampa. Everglades National Park is near enough.


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