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    Default My 1990 Dodge Xplorer (Class B Camper Van)

    I remember people always asking about camper vans on this forum so I figured it would be helpful to post a short video of my recent buy. I picked this guy up for 6500 and named him duke. I have done a few road trips with him thus far and if you want to check those out go to my account that shows the videos. The Sturgis Bike Week video is my first voyage with this van.

    Link to the video-

    PS- next spring I will be doing a daily video blog of living in the van. I hope to last about 8 months so feel free to subscribe to my youtube for other van videos.


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    Default Has anyone here replaced the fuel filter on a 1990 B350 van?

    Im between a rock and a hard place at the moment. I am having a hard time locating the filter (this is a last ditch effort to keeping myself from pulling the tank to replace the pump). Is this filter located in the tank or up close next to the tank? Thanks!

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    Default No, but...........

    .........I've replace many a fuel filter on other fullsized trucks and vans of the exact or approximate vintage of yours. In the case of the Ford and Chevy gasoline engine platforms (you don't have a diesel van, do you? It's fuel filter probably sits atop the engine, where my Ford diesel fuel filter is), the fuel filter is closer to the fuel tank than the engine compartment, and is often affixed to the chassis frame rail with a mounting strap or bracket of some sort. My older Suburbans and my son's '98 Chevy pickup had (has) a filter which threads into the metal fuel line and requires (or at least recommends) brake-line type semi-open end wrenches to remove and reinstall. Other vehicles need only screwdriver-actuated hose clamps to loosen the rubber hoses from each end of the filter. I would think any in-line fuel filter would be pretty easy to locate by following the fuel line from the fuel line forward.

    The online image I found purporting to be the part for your van shows an external filter with a metal strap around it, a single bolt hole in the strap, probably to affix it to the chassis frame rail or perhaps a crossmember. Both the inlet and the outlet are on one end of the cylindrical cylinder body.

    All of that said, I have just learned my 2010 Chevy Equinox has no external fuel filter. Perhaps your van doesn't, either by design or by a prior owner having removed it and having replaced it with a continuous stretch of fuel line.

    I'm interested in how this works out, so please return to post your findings.


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    I just got a cup of coffee and heading out now. When I first looked for the filter it was dark outside and had just rained. I was getting very frustrated and decided to give it a try today. (I plan on being on the road for a year so I have plenty of time) I am doing a video blog of the entire trip so I will post what I find on here.


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    I bought the fuel filter and I thought the same thing, there is no way it could be in the tank just the way the filter is made. However, check out this video.

    I really don't have any idea what is going on here, any idea?
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    Default Doing some research now

    I'm not a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination, but looking at the fuel filter, it doesn't look like it could be in the tank. Look at photos of this Fram G7398

    Nice video, by the way, did you purchase that Fram filter?

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    Default Here's a possible resource for you

    OK, I think it might worthwhile for you to download the shop manual related to this issue -- it will cost about five bucks. Here is the log-in page and you can verify that the particulars are correct for your vehicle. If you find out where it's supposed to be.... you can move forward!

    Here's another forum that addresses your vehicle.

    Here's another forum that addresses your van

    Actually, this might be the best source.. There are Dodge mechanics online right now in a chat format for your vehicle.!

    Happy Hunting and please come back and tell us which resource (if any) worked for you!

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    Default You may be chasing a ghost...............


    At the beginning of your video, the section of rubber fuel line with the "mass 'o hose clamps" on it looks like where the fuel filter USED to be. Looks like somebody removed it and replaced with sections of rubber line.

    It's unclear to me just how the fuel system is set up: two lines from the tank normally means a supply to and a return from the fuel pump, where an electric fuel pump is always "on" when the engine is running, and the pumped fuel which the engine doesn't need is simply returned to the tank. The filter Mark pictured is an in-line with the inlet and outlet on opposite ends of the cylindrical filter body. His link shows, however, that it's for a 92-94 B350. The filter I saw pictured was purportedly for a 90 B350, and while it shared the same cylindrical shape, the inlet and outlet were on the same end. Both filters are cylindrical and have a steel "strap" to hold them up against the frame or a crossmember.

    If you are sure you're looking at two fuel lines (a supply and a return) and you can't determine which is which, you can consider determining the line diameter (simply removing the rubber hose you videoed would do) and purchasing TWO filters, one for the supply and one for the return. I would think any filter which accomodates the line size would be fine, so it doesn't have to be a 1990 B350 fuel filter.

    Keep us posted, won't you?


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    Default A year on the road, my youtube channel.

    Hey guys. My name is Chris and I plan to spend a year living on the road in my 1990 B350 camper van. I will be using,, and other travel sites to work and live on the road. The trip will center around photography, cooking, and exploring different cities around the US and Canada.

    My channel is still developing and would love some feedback if you guys and gals get the chance. As I wright this I am broken down right outside of nashville and about to head over to a mechanics house I talked into helping me replace my fuel pump (I would do it myself but it will take two people) Here is a link to my first video. I will continue to post videos in this post if you guys enjoy them.

    Let me know what you think!

    [Moderator Edit: I've merged the other threads you created about your van "Duke' into this one. Generally we don't allow members to use this forum to promote their own sites. I'll leave this link active, but subsequent links will probably be deleted by the Moderator of the Day]
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    Default Not crazy about the lack of attention on the driving

    When driving I'd certainly prefer that 100% of your attention be focused on the road and not working on creating a video.

    I'd be interested to watch more of your videos -- but if you're going to be shooting them while driving -- count me out!


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