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    Hello :] My best friend and I are planning a cross-country road trip from our homes in Pennsylvania to Oakland California. From there, we will be flying to Hawaii, but we figured it could be fun to make it a bit of a road trip. Driving as we usually would, we could make it there in 3 days, so with stops, we're trying for a max of 5 to get across the country. Any ideas for a few stops along the way? We're not outdoors people...odd things that we've never seen before and cities with great food will be enough for us! Thanks for the help!

    ~ Jody

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    Sleep, food, gas, and to go to the bathroom, and you might make it to Oakland in 5 days. Expecting to have an enjoyable RoadTrip adventure while doing so is just too much. By the most direct route, just continuously slogging west on I-80, you're looking at nearly 2800 miles. I suspect that you have the usual neophyte's vision of sleeping in the car while the other drives. That might get you a bit farther than otherwise on the first day, but reality will quickly catch up with you and trying to drive while sleep deprived and not getting enough exercise is very, very dangerous, and not in the least enjoyable. As I said. exercising reasonable common sense, taking a few breaks each day for short hikes in local parks and towns near the highway, and getting a good night's sleep, every night will allow you to get to Oakland in 5 days. but that's it.


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    Default Is your flight booked?

    As AZBuck said, you will have a pretty solid slog on the interstate, to make it to Oakland in five days. Here's hoping that you do not have a breakdown, traffic hold-up, detour, or any of the other myriad of things which can happen on long roadtrips. It could mean missing your flight.

    If I were you, I'd add an extra day, just for insurance... not sightseeing.


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    If all you can allocate is 5 days to get across, you may be better off flying. Driving all the way cross country in only 5 days is not really fun, it's WORK. Plus, what are you going to do when you get back from Hawaii - with your car in Oakland? Another 5 days of work to get back.

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    We also prefer to drive places if we can, rather than fly. However, this is one time when flying might be more prudent. If you shop wisely, you can probably get a decently priced flight from Phila. to SFO or Oakland. Compare that to the gasoline, food, and hotels on the way across, 5600 miles round trip. Save the cross-country driving trip for a time when you're not going to Hawaii, and have at least 3 weeks to do it.

    Last year, we went from San Diego to northcentral NJ and back. It took us 6 days to get out there, but 5 very long days on the highway to get back. Cost for fuel was around $870 (admittedly, for premium unleaded). Food=$400. Overnights=$420. We had planned some stops on the way back that we were not able to do (death in the family); otherwise, flying would have been much cheaper in the long run. You can probably get 2 round trip tickets from Phila. to Oakland for waaaay less than $1600!!!!!


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