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  1. Default New Orleans to Washington, D.C.

    Just trying to get an estimate for the cost of a roadtrip from New Orleans to DC. Planning getting hotel rooms once we get there; not GREAT hotel rooms, just not too trashy. Anybody have any ideas how much this would cost?

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    You haven't given us much information, but for starters, try this:

    $50-65/night for a decent hotel room for 2. Some places you may find cheaper, other places will cost you more. (Hubby and I traveled this past summer. Our cheapest night was $40. Our most expensive was $85 or thereabouts.) IN New Orleans (such as in the French Quarter) will cost far more than staying on the outskirts of town and traveling in each day. So for N.O. itself, you might budget $85/night and then be pleasantly surprised to find something less expensive!

    Gasoline: Estimate how many miles you will drive on this trip (is it one way or round trip?), know how many miles per gallon the car gets and what kind of fuel. You can then figure out, using the Fuel Cost Calculator on this site, how much you'll have to spend on fuel. I would use $4.00 a gallon as the price per gallon, if you use ordinary unleaded, and plan to travel soon. Don't forget to add extra mileage for sightseeing!

    Food: is what you make it. You can eat cheap or you can eat expensive. Hubby and I plan middle-of-the-road and go $60/day for 2 people. We usually go less when we choose to snack or eat from a cooler for at least one meal per day! In N.O., you may want to budget a little extra to sample that local cuisine!


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    Default It's all on here.

    This site is full of tools for you to work out those estimates.

    For starters there is the fuel cost calculators (top right), just below the hotel / motel reservations link. See if you find something on there which catches your fancy. And then there is Saving Money forum, which is full of all sorts of cost analysis, including a 'cost and research' section.


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