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  1. Default off the beaten path along i-20 (shreveport to los angeles)?

    looking to explore weird, unusual, interesting or just in-the-background stuff and have plenty of time. love thrift stores. any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    Default Using local resources.

    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    For members here to be able to give any sort of meaningful advice, we really need you to give a bit more information. If you have plenty of time (whatever that means), why are you taking I-20? You might find more of what you are looking for, along secondary highways.

    What time of the year will it take place? And just what do you regard as wierd and unusual? not to mention just in-the-background stuff. These words mean different things to different people.

    Of course, a web search would probably find what you are looking for. Anything which is not on the web, is likely to be the sort of thing you discover driving off the interstates. You might also like to check out the RTA attractions on the green bar above by using the place names along route I-20 as keywords. Another way is to simply ask the locals. In most places you will find that the citizens are proud of local attractions, especially if they are a little unusual, or unique.

    When it comes to thrift stores, charity shops, Goodwill, etc.. you will find these in almost every place. They are usually the first place I check out. Once again, an internet search will point you in the right direction, as will the telephone book.... especially the yellow pages. Or you might just like to drive into town, and ask the first local you see. I have never had any difficulty in getting directions from a local.


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