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  1. Default Atlantic Canada to Savannah, Ga

    We are taking a 2 week trip in April and we want to drive about 400 m/day. Once passed Washington we would like to go through the farm territory, see horses, trees not only highway driving. We are going to Savannah to see plantations. Do you have any helpfull hints for us, we have never been driven in that direction and any assistance is very welcomed.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you really want to see the things you list and eschew the standard Interstate route (I-95) down the east coast, then I wouldn't wait until after Washington to set yourselves up. Instead, starting at Bangor ME take US-2 west through northern New England past Montpelier to VT-100 south (a gorgeous road) and US-4 west to the Albany area. I-88 and I-81 (yes, I know, they're 'highways' but they are scenic and you can consider them a break from your otherwise more sedate road choice) south to around Harrisburg. At that point you can start using some of the great four-lane divided (but not controlled access) highways of the south such as US-15, US-29, US-11, and US-25 to follow the Appalachians and Piedmont (farming and horse country) down to Savannah. At 400 miles a day, that would take you about 4½ days from Moncton to Savannah. If you can leave yourselves a similar amount of time for the drive home, then you might want to do something similar but different by using US-17 and US-13 along the coast to Norfolk, cross to the Delmarva Peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and then from around Wilmington use routes like PA-10 and US-209 to come up through the Delaware Water Gap up to US-9 along the Hudson to MA-2, the Mohawk Trail, through Massachusetts and so on back to home. Even taking such routes down and back would leave you 4-6 days in Savannah while still letting you have a relaxed set of drives before and after. Although using such roads requires some navigation skills, it's certainly not beyond the typical driver's abilities. So, if those sound like something you'd like to try, let me know and we can get a bit more detailed.

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    Thanks I will look at the maps...... and I intend to take all that you have mentioned, thanks so much.... I guess I should ask Canadian Tire to draw me maps or try on one of the sites because putting all this on the navigation system will take me a month.... and a lot of frustration to that voice in the car.... lol.... it knows only one long word... recalculating....
    Thanks I will come back to you on all of this....

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    Den, If you are a member of CAA you will be able to pick up maps there. Get a good map of the USA (or eastern USA) and possibly also a map of each State through which you plan to drive. Trying to plan and see a trip of this extend within the confines of a tiny screen is not realistic.

    Besides, you are going to need good paper maps (or a road atlas) on the road. Do not be tempted to rely solely on your electronic navigation. Many have done so at their peril... in some cases at the cost of their lifes. GPS is great for finding an address, or focusing in on a specific area, but an overview of your trip and alternative routes, can only be appreciated on good quality paper maps.


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    I recommend taking Rt 17 from I-66 to Warrenton, VA. That area is well-known for horses, and you'll drive past quite a few horse farms. Warrenton also has several horse-themed shops if you are interested in that.

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    Thanks Lifey...
    Canadian Tire also does like CAA so I will be getting maps... and also I have to keep hubby busy so reading maps is perfect, I for myself am unable to read in vehicle, motion sickness and with chemo treatment it gets worse.... so yes for the maps... thanks

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    Thanks Mayelli,
    I will put that road on my demands ..... I appreciate your assistance.

  8. Default Fredericksburg, Va to Moncton, NB

    Buck we took all the roads you mentioned until I got in Myrtle Beach, was too much for us we slept in Shallotte, took the 17 then 40 then 95 then 1 today the 95 was too boooring so we took the 1 but on the one we have zillions of stops so now in Fredericksburg, Va and could you steer us in the right direction from here to roads that looked a bit like the one we took coming in US 4- 100 - 81-88 they were so nice, Leesburg was to die for .... can u help us we are leaving early tomorrow morning .....

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    Default Emergency Routing

    I'm going to assume that you will want to avoid all the big cities (Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, etc. as you work your way back north. In that case, what you want to do from Fredericksburg is go just a little farther north on I-95 up to exit 133 and then take US-17 north to Warrenton, VA, then take US-15 north up the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. At Harrisburg you can get back on I-81 and follow that to I-84 up through New England. Another option would be to take I-81 just a bit north of Harrisburg, past where I-78 branches off, and then take US-209 all the way up through the Delaware Water Gap, again to I-84. Those routes will give you a bit of a respite and should get you past the worst of the northeast US urban sprawl. Once you're in Maine, I-95 gets pretty again and is the way to go to get back to Fredericton.


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    You are a savior.... my husband thanks u, he does not like my racing type driving on the 95, scares him... a woman has to do something to get the boring out of life. thanks a million Buck

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