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    Default Family RV(newbie) trip across the USA for the first time

    This is my first post on this great site I found. Hi, everyone!
    We just started planning our vacation with the kids and are finding ourselves a little overwhelmed. We are starting from New Jersey and moving west to California and are going to loop around back. The boys want to see EVERYTHING, but we only have about 5 weeks. Any suggestions on which are the best highways to take? My hubby wants to take 80, but I heard there isn't much to see. S.O.S

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    Default Small steps.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The beauty of planning the road trip, is you get to decide where to go and do not have to follow a route number. There are millions of miles of Highways and Byways that you could take with tens of thousands of attractions along them. We know this can be overwhelming, but starting out with a few main goals for the trip and building from there goes a long way to creating the full picture.

    I would recommend you get a good map of the USA and sit down as a family [it's great that you are already including the Kid's in the planning] and start looking for interesting places, all take a 'pick'. When you have some dots on the map you can start working out how best to join them with what looks interesting in between. RTA is full of great info and just by searching around the forums [check out the 'Field reports'] and looking at the resources in the tool bars above, you should get lot's of fresh ideas.

    Once you have moved along a little with your planning then we can help fill in the blanks and 'fine tune' your trip. If in the meantime you have any specific questions, please just ask, but at the moment there is just so much out there it's going to be tough making meaningful suggestions, especially when you haven't mentioned any of your interests.

    Remember, planning is a fun part of the journey as a whole, so enjoy every moment of it !!

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    Default Following on from Dave's advice....

    What will also help you greatly is to decide what the purpose of the trip is (other than a holiday). What is the trip to achieve.

    Write it down!

    Once you have a definite goal of what you want to achieve, you can start working towards that goal, and narrowing down the options.


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