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    I need help planning a good route from Seattle to Norfolk, va. I would like to stay at military lodges,hotels or inns. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It would help a lot if you were to share some more detail with us. What are your goals for the trip, are you planning on sight seeing or getting from 'A' to 'B' as quickly as possible? If you are sight seeing what are your interests ? I guess what I am asking is for you to define "a good route" to match your goals and interests, as they mean different things to different people.

    If you are travelling in the near future it might pay to keep an eye on up to date weather forecasts and road conditions before travelling and then decide. If you are concentrating more on getting from A to B quickly, you should plan on it taking 5 to 6 days and plot overnight stops between 500-600 miles apart, which is about 9-10 hours a day on the road with fuel and food stops etc. We don't recommend any more than this on multi-day trips, as it will get tiring and fatigue could set in if attempting to do more, plus it wouldn't be fun. If you can factor in some extra time, perhaps a day off from driving, or a couple of shorter days and relax a little on the way, it will make it more enjoyable. Once you know roughly where you will be stopping, based on how much time you have and where you would like to go, you can then work on suitable lodgings.

    Open a good map and take a look around RTA for ideas and once you have more info and specific questions, just ask away !

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