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  1. Default Traveling the Pan American Highway Texas to Argentina

    In my F250 diesel Ford Pickup and Lance Camper I did the Pan AM Highway, this past July, this is part of a blog I am writing about it. We followed "general" itinerary of the TrekoftheAmericas Expedition. Some locations are not entered because of the "quaintness" of those places, and too much publicity would defeat that local character.

    Each July or August a small group (no more the 10 rvs) forms in the Rio Grande Valley, which is at the border with Tampulipus, Mexico. After inspection of the vehicles, stocking up on supplies (the ones that are hard to find south of the border only), and rechecking documentation of persons, and vehicles, we head into Mexico. This journey has been done 13 times, since 1994.

    Unfortunately, I did not have the time to do this blog immediately while enroute, so I am working from notes to complete it at this time, I will be editing again and again!! so please be patient.

    New Entry (2/2/12) - RVing or "Caravaning" travel produces the MOST MEMORABLE MIND BOGGELING IMPRESSIONS OF ANY TYPE OF TOURISM!! As you travel (living every moment as you go down the highway) it is difficult to realize you are really here (or there, as you will think afterwards). It is truly LIVING THE ADVENTURE.
    This feeling is not possible in any other form of travel. You actually eat, sleep, breath, with the Panagonian wind in your face! You can conveniently pull off the road, stop in the middle of a smalll "somebody's home town" ... and in minutes, be a part of the community- amazing.

    Anyone that can, should take this type of LIFE EXPERIENCE! On a previous trip, one of my fellow travelers was 89 years old, and did fine. Another was in his twenties and blended in great. There is no age limit, only the limits you put on yourself. Of course, you must be able to drive, and have the "adventure" in you heart to do it - but believe me - if you wait long enough, you won't be able to do it! That's a fact!
    As to what to see - EVERYTHING.

    OF Course - the human culture is on the top of the list ..explain later post

    BIRDING - With a capital "B" - all imaginable type of birds, from Penguins, Flamingos, Storks, Parrots, Eagles, Hawks, Reas (ostrich-like), woodpeckers, black swans, Ducks, hummingbirds, and so many more note: I am not a birdwatcher, that's what I said before, I guess I am now, you can't help being...also the photos of the birds and other animals all over!

    HISTORICAL AND NATIVE CULTURAL SITES - so many they can't be listed here! From the Totonac Indians in Mexico to the Cuna and Choco of Panama, to the different Panagonian tribes. Portuguese Forts, Spanish Walled Citys, Macupuchu, the mysterious line at NASCA, even the fishing boats of Portuguese and Spanish design.
    INDUSTRY (Current and Historic Mines), Coffee Production, Chocolate Production....eating it too! Farming, wheat, oats, sugarcane - visit the mills too., Beer and Wine production, and agriculture of. writing about it is mind boggling.....

    KIDS - interchanging with
    Schools - visiting and participation within

    FOOD, RESTAURANTS, EATING A COCONUT...TIPICAL AND SEAFOODS, we were by the coast and the greatest seafoods, Argentine and Uruguay BEEF

    Ranch tourism - pass time on a working ranch...HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP...

    Well, I get so excited, I know I forget half of the stuff... I will settle down and add some more in the near future!!!!!

    I hope others will send me their questions about this venture...
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    Default Great Report

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Thanks for your detailed and entertaining report on your trip down the pan American Highway. It's a subject which comes up here occasionally and your post is among the best sources of info I've seen here. I also very much appreciate the 'Zen' behind your travels in that any RoadTrip is not simply about putting down miles, checking names off a list, or simply a 'connect-the-dots' of 'must-sees', but rather a learning experience where time spent interacting with the people along the way, taking an occasional road-less-traveled, and being open to new and different cultures provide their own deeply rewarding pay-offs.

    Thanks again. However it is the policy of this site that discussions should occur here rather than forcing people to go off-site for information (or more frequently, advertising). We hope you appreciate the necessity of our rule against new members posting links to personal blogs and other sites over which we have no control and continue to make contributions here to people who would like to emulate your excellent adventure.


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    thank you, I plan on doing more of the same trip in late july or early august. Mostly it is the human interests in the journey, and the people-watching that is so addicting! The roads were about 95% great, and the little that was not, was very passible without any 4x4 or other assistance. I will be happy to answer any questions of anyone planning such a venture!!!

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    I also feel extreamly excited when reading this specific travel report. But how many people are there in all joining you in this amazing trip?

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