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    We are from Vancouver, Canada.

    Last summer we took a camping road trip from vancouver to Lake Louise and Jasper, through the rocky mountains. We left on a sunday and were back by friday.
    This summer we want to take another camping road trip, but we don't know where to go. I would really like to see the Grand Canyon, but how many days does it take to drive there from Vancouver, Canada?

    We enjoy nature and seeing natural wonders.

    We want to take a road trip but don't want to be away for that long as our business is on the computer online.

    We were also thinking of maybe going the same route as last year but instead of heading up, to go down to Banff, but what else is there to do in that direction?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its a good 3 days of driving each way from Vancouver to the Grand Canyon.

    If you are looking for something closer, Glacier or Yellowstone/Tetons might work well. There are also several other National Parks in the Candian Rockies that you could also take a look at.

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    Thanks Midwest Michael.

    Yeah 3 days there and 3 days back seem like to much to do.

    The Glacier or Yellowstone/Tetons are located where? and how long does it take to get there?

    We went through some of the National Parks in the Canadian Rockies, like Yohu ect. Do you know off hand names of others?


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    Glacier is in northwest Montana and is 1.5 days each way from Vancouver BC. Yellowstone is in northwest Wyoming and it's a 2 day drive each way. Waterton is attached to Glacier, but on the Canadian side of the border.

    Have you considered staying close to home and spending some time on Vancouver Island?

    By the way, wi-fi is not that hard to find these days, even in remote areas.

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    Default a primer

    Really, rather than us listing off park names, I think it would really be in your own best interest to spend a little bit of time doing a little bit of reading and research.

    We can tell you where Glacier and Yellowstone are, we can list off a bunch of other national parks, but you're still going to have to decide what is interesting to you. As a very first step, I'd recommend you just get out a good paper map and simply look at all the options, and then start reading up a little more on some ideas you'd like. Certainly the national parks websites for both Canada and the US will also be helpful.

    Once you have at least some basic information in your pocket, then you can start working on a more detailed plan, and that's when we can really be of much more help.

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    Ok, thats sounds good Midwest Michael.

    I will do some research and then get back on here.

    But one more question. Do you think it is to much to do both Glacier and Yellowstone National parks in one trip?

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    Default Time ?

    Whether or not it is too much, would come down to how much time you are prepared to spare for your trip. A detour to Glacier and a drive through on the 'Going to the Sun Road' would add at least a day. You could spend 3 or 4 days in Yellowstone and the Tetons alone and only just start to scratch the surface.

    If you are looking at another 6 day break [Sun-Fri] as before, I would probably focus on setting up camp in Yellowstone and exploring there for a couple of days.

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    Everyone has had some good suggestions. You also might look south at Washington State: Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, North Cascades NP (a very remote and not well visited NP), Olympic NP, and much more. Most of these places are within a few hours of Vancouver, BC!


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