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  1. Default San Diego to southern Virginia... in March

    A job change gives me 7-10 days to make it from San Diego to Virginia. We've driven the east many times and are hoping to spend a little time west of the mississippi seeing something new while putting on the miles.

    The catch is that we'll be leaving March 1st – hence would like to avoid the snow / ice if possible. Unfortunately that means much of what we'd love to see will be out of reach. We'll be driving a 2wd car.

    Our likes? Anything odd, quirky, old or interesting. National parks, forgotten towns, strange people... all are welcome! I already know we'll hit Las Vegas (night 1) but from there I don't know.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There simply is no way to plan a cross country trip in March without having the chance of seeing snow and/or ice. Every route you could possibly take will have the risk of winter weather. Of course, a 2 wheel drive car is not really a problem. When you're talking about interstate travel, the real danger comes in trying to stop in snow and ice, and 4 wheel drive provides no advantage there. If conditions are so bad that you need 4 wheel drive to get moving, then you're probably best off waiting a little while for plow crews to get on the road and get things back to normal.

    So rather than focusing on what's out of reach, start first by what you'd ideally like to do. You've mentioned Vegas, but there are dozens upon dozens of national parks and unusual stops between there and "Virginia." If you can give us some more details about what you would like to do, places you'd like to see, and where in the massive target of "Virginia" you are heading, we can help you narrow in on what might work best for you.

    Of course, don't forget about the other resources of RTA, including the Map Center to help give you more ideas as you get started on your planning.

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    Default Sounds like a PCS move

    Hello John,

    If this is in fact a Navy PCS move, thank you for your service.

    Midwest Michael is of course on-target in saying there's no route which guarantees zero frozen precip. The good news is you have some time to wait out bad weather should it occur.

    If you're set on Vegas for the 1st night, some of the following may interest you:

    Touring Hoover Dam the next morning. I can heartily recommend the "inside the dam tour", which my own Navy son and I took when I accompanied him enroute to his Seabee base at Port Hueneme back in 2007.

    A segment if old Route 66 runs from Kingman to Williams, well away from I-40, and this strikes me as a less-traveled segment, but I've never traveled it.

    A "drive through" of Grand Canyon NP. If you were to drop back down to I-40 at Kingman, AZ from Vegas/Hoover Dam (or if you took the Route 66 segment), you could drive north from Williams and see all of the overlooks along the South Rim, dropping back to I-40 on the east side of Flagstaff.

    A short overnight stop on our NC-Port Hueneme trip in 2007 was in Tucumcari, NM, and it struck me as a place I'd like to visit and spend more time. Ditto Santa Rosa, NM.

    Amarillo, TX features the Big Texan steakhouse and the Cadillac Ranch.

    Across both TX and OK, I-40 passes through or close to the hometowns of a number of country music legends.

    Graceland awaits you in Memphis.

    "Lower Broad", the bar, restaurant, and music venue district along Lower Broadway, is in Nashville, TN.

    "The Crooked Road" roots music (country and bluegrass) features a number of venues with live performances in southwestern VA, near Bristol VA/TN. You may be passing Bristol at the time of the NASCAR race there, and that's a spectacle of the first order.

    If you're headed for Tidewater, VA (Norfolk and neighboring cities), you can go up I-81 from Knoxville thence I-64 east, through Charlottesville and Richmond. Jefferson's Monticello, the University of Virginia, and a host of Colonial era sites are in and near Charlottesville and I-64.

    Enjoy the planning and the RoadTrip!


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