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    Default San Francisco to LA, San Diego, Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite

    Currently planning the epic trip of a life time. Starting the trip March 11 ending March 18

    I understand camping has seasonality issues and am curious if anyone has any advice as to wear to camp in Yosemite or Death Valley, or any where between San Fran and LA or San Diego to Vegas.

    Open to any and al suggestions :)


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, for starters, the area you'll be visiting is easily the most discussed RoadTrip on these forums. So reading through some past discussions and plans would be a perfect place to start.

    Right off the bat, though, I see two difficulties. Although I'm sure it seems like a lot of time, a week is just about the minimum time required to get to all the sites you've listed and see just a little of each of them. so this will not be a tour in depth, I'm afraid. And secondly, March is the tail end of winter to just the beginning of spring. While this works in your favor for being outdoors around Las Vegas or in Death Valley, Yosemite (which is mostly up in the Sierra Nevada) is going to be mostly snowbound.

    You will do much better, especially as far as camping is concerned in the state parks along the California 'Central Coast' and at the desert national parks such as Joshua Tree, Death Valley and Mojave National Preserve.

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