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  1. Default April LA-GC-MV-Bryce-Zion-DV-Yosem-SF in RV - advice please!


    Thanks for all your great advice on this site, especially Southwest Dave - all very practical. I have almost got our (family of five) first time RV itinerary sorted but have a couple of uncertain areas.

    1) We are picking up 30'RV from LV on 31st march from Roadbear. They don't allow pickup until after midday and I was hoping to get to Mather at GC that day but think it may be tight. Was thinking of stopping at Kingman to make for easy first day, and then take Route 66 to Seligman and on to mather the next instead. Is this a better idea than straight to Mather, and any recommendations for RV sites at Kingman?

    2) Any recommendations for RV site at Monument Valley?

    3) At Bryce, I think the shuttle is not running in April. If we stay at Ruby's, how easy is it to drive our RV around the park or are there other options?

    4) how much time would the Lake isabella road to Bakersfield add on rather than going via the highway from Death Valley?

    Any answers gratefully received!

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    Default Wonderful family adventure.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !!

    1] We have used the approach of contacting the local office of where we are collecting from and asking if an earlier pick up time could be arranged. Out of peak season they may [or may not] oblige without charge but we have been obliged. It will probaly take at least an hour to do the paper work/inspection of the vehicle and to load up ready for the road. You could get to Mather in around 5/6 hours. I can't recommend any options from first hand experience between Vegas and GC, but Williams also offer alternatives. 'The Canyon Motel and RV park' and the 'Grand canyon Railway' parks both have good reviews. There will be options around Kingman, but I can't offer recommendations. Your other option would be to stay in Vegas at the Oasis RV resort, get settled in and familiar with the RV and head off next morning.

    2] Gouldings Lodge has an RV park in MV, I think that might be the closest to the Tribal park. Would be worth booking IMO.

    3] You will be able to get around Bryce canyon just fine. Near to the head of the Canyon are roads where you can visit Sunset, Sunrise, Inspiration and Bryce points and stroll along the rim. After these all the viewpoints are close to the roadside and they are all located on your left heading into the canyon. To avoid having to cross the traffic to get in and out of the pull outs [more tricky in an RV] go to the furthest point south [Rainbow/Yovimpa Point] and then stop at the others on the way back up.

    4] Hardly any.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Yep, nets about the same

    Quote Originally Posted by theroughs View Post
    4) how much time would the Lake isabella road to Bakersfield add on rather than going via the highway from Death Valley?
    The Lake Isabella route is actually a short-cut through the foothills -- I'm not really sure what you meant by the highway from Death Valley?

    It's the same size road using CA-58 through Tehachapi or CA-178 through Lake Isabella. The speed limit is about the same as well. The road is slightly more curvy along CA-178 and so I'd think that the difference in time (shorter and curvier along Hwy 178) versus longer and straighter along CA-14 to CA-58 is pretty much a wash, as Southwest Dave suggested.

    On the other hand, if you like pretzels with real German mustard -- consider going through Tehachapi (click on the D icon on the map above for more information.)


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    Thanks Dave and Mark for your to the point advice and as usual top tips. Pretzels with German mustard.....hmmm, methinks lake isabella beckons.

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    Default Wanna see some photos?

    By the way, John Waters, another RTA contributor has just posted photos from his road trip last spring. He went to many of the places you're thinking about and you might enjoy zipping through the thread and looking at his extraordinary photos!


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