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  1. Default Annapolis, MD to Mesa, AZ in early March

    Hi all,

    I show dogs and my national specialty is in Mesa, AZ. I live in Annapolis, MD. I know I'll be pushing it, but I'd like to do the drive in 4 days each way. Originally I was going to do it in 3, but common sense has won over. I'm not looking for diversions like getting out of the car and touring some caverns, but more side routes that are not going to eat up time and I can take in some scenery. I am a photographer (bucket dream to do it as a living) so scenic overpasses where I can jump out of the car and snap some shots would be awesome! I'm just now planning this out. I need to divide the route up into four parts and decide what areas I am going to stay in and where i'll be stopping for lunch to exercise dogs. When I have more specific areas I will be asking for good places (pretty with grass maybe). Oh did I forget to mention I'll be travelling with between 5 and 9 dogs? (What am I thinking?) So yes, 4 day time line is imperative. I just want to take the 5 minutes every now and then to step out of the car and take in the country side.


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    Actually Annapolis (gorgeous city, by the way) to Mesa can be done in four days as long as you keep up a good, steady, but not grueling pace of about 560 miles a day. That would even allow time for you to give your friends the occasional walk. One of the beauties of those stops is that they are close to the Interstates. I'm sorry to say that deviating from the super slabs for any appreciable number of miles is going to start eating into your time budget. So just enjoy the road and take your pictures in the parks.And of course make use of every 'Scenic Rest Area' that presents itself. If you find that even after taking care of all your friends, you have a little extra time on your hands, here are a few 'side roads' that might appeal to you. US-40 as it runs parallel to I-70 and I-68 out through western Maryland, US-40 (again) as it runs parallel to I-70 between Indianapolis and Terre Haute, US-60 between Springfield MO and the Will Rogers Turnpike in northeastern Oklahoma, and finally (if you're well ahead of schedule on your final day) leave I-40 at Holbrook AZ and take the 'cutoff': AZ-377 to AZ-277 to AZ-260 and AZ-87 down into Mesa.


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    Actually the "cutoff" would be faster than going to Flagstaff and taking I-17 down - AZ-87 goes right into Mesa. It's 75 miles shorter and a very scenic drive.

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    I'm just curious as to how you might get up to 9 dogs into a car comfortably and what the deal would be with finding lodgings? If you had some sort of 'kennel' trailer it would be slower going than normal. I would also consider keeping an extra [Half] day of 'wiggle' room for travelling if you are to arrive for a show. As Buck said "Just" and with such a large pack to feed, water and excercise they will be 4 pretty long and tiring days.

    Good luck and safe travels !

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