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  1. Default Planning a Coast To Coast RV road trip

    Ive Never been to USA before and always wanted to. My partner and i plan on getting married later this year and hopefully Head to the USA in 2013 for a Road trip from LA to New york.
    I wanted peoples point of view, Is it cheaper (i have a young son who will be 2 by the time we head over) to hire and do it in an RV than car. the reason why im thinking RV is you can strect out more in the RV than you could in a car. Also being in an RV you can cook your own meals to save on eating out every meal and a TV in which my son could watch.
    I live in Australia and cant find to much info on planned trips from coast to coast, I would like it planned out with RV parks etc booked so we know we have a place to park and stay.
    Any information this type of tour/s would be excellent please.

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    Generally speaking, it is much cheaper to rent a car and stay in motels than to rent an RV. Even accounting for eating out (and there are plenty of ways to still cook in a car trip), the extra cost of renting the RV, the extra cost of fuel, combined with RV park fees, which can easily be as much as a budget motel, an RV trip is one you do for the lifestyle not for a budget trip.

    Here's a longer discussion on the topic.

    Also note that while the RV is moving, its really not much different than a car, as all the passengers still need to be buckled into seat belts.

    I'll also throw out that IMHO having a TV on while on the road seems completely contradictory to what makes a good roadtrip. Especially at age 2, in my book, you're just teaching your son early on that a screen is more interesting than what's out the window. I can tell you that on my family's roadtrips while screens aren't forbidden, the amount of computer/video game/tv time while on the road is extremely limited. But I'll get off my soapbox now...
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    Default Big trip!!

    Hi Tony06. My family and I have just left Australia on a round the world trip. We will spend 2 lots of 3 months travelling all 50 of the states in the US as part of our 12 month trip We have decided to have at least one month in an RV and probably hire a car for the rest of the time. Car rental is very reasonable in the states if you shop around, you'll save a heap of money on petrol and you can easily get to all the places you want to see - it's a bit hard to get your RV into the middle of New York for sightseeing!! If you want your little one to have a diversion, just get yourself a cheap portable DVD player - about $80 at Wow Sight & Sound from memory - it will even have a car charger and you can put some educational dvd's on! Have you done a long road trip before? Our kids are older now but when they were small we would sightsee until around 2pm, them drive to the next stop while they slept in the car and gave us some peace! Then we'd have dinner and a bit more fun before off to bed to do it all over again the next day!!! Our route is not yet finalized. We plan to be there mid Apri for the first three months Can I suggest you google some other family travellers - you will find a wealth of information on all kinds of travel. Happy to stay in touch to answer any questions you might have once you get a bit closer to planning the actual details! Good luck on your trip - you will have an amazing time in America!!! We can't wait to arrive there - make sure you try the giant pretzels!!
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