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  1. Default Chicago-Toronto-Buffalo-Cleveland_ Chicago


    this is the summertrip we are planning with children of 9 and 8 years old.
    Anyone tips for activities etc ?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you want to get any meaningful advice, you're going to have to tell us a whole lot more about you and your trip than just a list of cities and the ages of your kids?

    What's the reason for this trip? How long do you have? How much time are you spending in each place? What are your interests? What places do you already know you want to visit?

    You'll get out of this forum what you put into it, so the more we know about you and what you are looking for, the more likely it is that someone will be able to narrow down the thousands of possibilities into a handful of reasonable ideas.

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    thanks for the reply.
    I am only at the beginning of my trip planning so it's a bit difficult giving a lot of details.
    However, i'll try.
    We are planning to fly in at Chicago and staying there 2-3 days.
    Then we want to visit family in Toronto so i am looking for a scenic route towards there.
    And than going bach to Chicago.
    We start our holiday august, 15th till sept, 1th.
    We want to travel with a camper and do a lot of wateractivities.

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    My Chicago family always enjoyed Indiana Dunes State Park for water activities. They also will suggest that you save those water activities for Lake Michigan away from Chicago, and stay away from Lake Erie.

    Another thought is Niagara Falls. There's a couple of great activities to do there that involve water, besides just standing at the top and viewing the Falls from various points. Maid of the Mist boat ride and Cave of the Winds come to mind.


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    Why stay away from Lake Erie ?

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    Lake Erie has a pretty horrific pollution record, and at one time had basically been declared a "dead" lake. It has gotten a lot better in recent decades, but still not a place you'd probably want to spend a lot of time in.

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    Anyone suggestions than for travelling from toronto back to chicago ?

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    Default Canada?

    Since you are able to travel through Canada, it is quite a nice trip to go through Sudbury, Saute St Marie and down through Michigan, back to Chicago.


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    Default The Short Loop

    While I agree with Lifey that the route over the top of Lake Huron and back south through Sault Ste Marie is a great scenic drive, ot is a bit on the longish side, and there are certainly shorter options. I would make this a loop trip with one leg, either there or back, taking the shorter route (let's describe it eastbound) from Chicago through Battle Creek and Lansing MI, crossing into Canada at Sarnia. From there, use local routes 27 and 7 to follow the lakeshore a bit up to around Bayfield and then using some combination of ON-4/9/10 to get to Toronto while bypassing the larger cities such as London and Kitchener.

    For your return, cross back into the US at Niagara falls and enjoy that scenic wonder and then follow the Lake Erie shore as closely as you can for as long as you can. the lake has been cleaned up considerably since its nadir in the late 70's, and your kids might particularly like a visit to the4 Natural History Museum in Cleveland, Cedar Point Amusement Park near Sandusky, and the Bass Islands (and the ferries out and back).


  10. Default My summer route starting in Chicago

    Hi, i have made a road trip for this summer and would be very glad to hear soem opinions about it.
    1. Chicago
    2 Picking up the camper and heading for Warren dunes state park
    3 To Macatawa (saugatuck dune rides)
    4 To London, ont (family)
    5 To toronto (family)
    8 To Niagara falls
    9 Niagara falls
    10to Cleveland via Buffalo
    11-12 cedar point and soak city
    13 to Elkhart
    14 the heritage trail
    15 to Chicago

    What are you thinking of this trip ?
    We are a party of 2 adults and 4 children

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