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  1. Default LV-GC-Monument Valley-Bryce-Zion-Death Valley-Sequoia-Yosemite-SF-Big Sur-LV

    Ok is the above trip possible in 3 weeks without breaking our necks ? Is this the best way round to drive it or would it be better to go up to San Francisco first ?

    Experts please advise

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    Default Certainly Possible

    Three weeks gives plenty of time to cover the distance - which is roughly 2500 miles.
    As far as going to San Francisco first or towards the end - I suppose that would depend on if there were some activities going on in SF on a certain date that you didn't want to miss. Another thing to think about would be what the weather forecast for the city is going to be. If you're not committed to a loop either way (that is, no reservations) then you have the option of making the choice based on that. Of course, you're not going to get an accurate 3-week ahead weather forecast...

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    Default The cheapest ?

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Three weeks is a nice amount of time for the trip with time to get an overview oof the places you are visiting. As you may know the Tioga pass [CA120] could still be closed in the Spring, but the way you have mapped your route from Death valley to Sequoia to Yosemite would suggest you have decided to go around the south of the mountains anyway.

    As you are doing a loop it doesn't really matter where you start but the direction you have is good in the fact that heading south from SF will put the Ocean on your side of the road. You could base your starting point on whether one or the other [Vegas or SF ] is cheaper to fly into and rent a car from.

    I'm not sure what your plans are between MV and Bryce, but you could head up the Moki Dugway[UT261] and through Hanksville to Torrey and then on Utah scenic Byway 12 through Escalante. That will take you past Natural Bridges and Capitol Reef NP as well as the wonderful drive along scenic 12 and the 'thrill' of the Moki ! [Use the search function] ;-)

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    We stayed in Mexican Hat forM.V. It's a few miles away, but good value. It was a long drive to Escalante, but well worth it. The scenery was stunning, the whole way.we were not at all tired. We had a great place in Escalante, so stopped over for a couple of nights. The best accommodation in Bryce was booked, so we went as day trippers.

    From there, we went to Zion and then on to Las Vegas, L.A. And then up the coast.

    Our three week trip started and finished in S.F.

    We would not have wanted to miss Yosemite and Death Valley, which we did on the way down. L.A. We are not so keen on and easily gave it a miss. Lunch at a place called Paradise Cove, near Malibu is well worth considering.

    We were lucky with Tioga Pass. The great thing about Yosemite in Spring is the power of the falls.

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    Thanks Tim we will be able to take weather into account as we only have 1st 3 nights booked in Vegas

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    Thanks ColonelHall going to give Escalante a look but dont want too scary roads cant see much with head between knees!

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    Thanks Dave but no wink will get us down that road ...that is for stronger stomachs than ours!! - will Big Sur be as edgy as that on the ocean side? If so we will go on the other side up to SF!

    I have looked at Mesa Verde as an added bonus then up via Moab?? What's your opinion please

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    Default Doable.

    How about up it ?! Lol.

    It's not for everyone, but it's not as bad as it looks. [honest].

    A couple of pictures of us coming down in a 30ft RV.

    Mesa Verde [possibly Four corners] and up to Moab [Arches and Canyonlands are another big bonus] are viable options but it will depend on how you want to pace yourselves. You could also avoid the Moki by taking 191 from Mexican Hat to near Blanding and take the 95.

    If you want to work back and start deciding how much time you fancy where, you can get an idea of what will fit and what won't. Once you have a rough itinerary laid out we will be happy to check it out and help 'Fine tune' it.

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    Default Totally different cup of tea.

    Quote Originally Posted by jaquigoggles View Post
    ... will Big Sur be as edgy as that on the ocean side? If so we will go on the other side up to SF!
    No, not at all. Nothing like it. It is a good road, and a lovely drive, and I would definitely urge you to do it from North to South.


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