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  1. Default Atlanta - New Orleans - Memphis - Atlanta, Help please!

    Myself and my wife are from England and planning our first ever Roadtrip in the USA. We are flying into Atlanta in late April and have 2 weeks to get down to New Orleans, to Memphis and back to Atlanta.

    Apart from the obvious what places should we visit during this trip?

    To be honest we do not have a big budget for Hotels so what kinda price will we be expecting to pay for a room each night. We do not require luxury, just somewhere to sleep.

    We are also a little concerned about safety, are there areas, towns etc that we should avoid or am I being paranoid?!

    All help gratefully received.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A budget motel will generally run about $50 a night going up to around $75 for a more mid-ranged chain.

    Safety-wise, there's no specific city or area you should avoid. Remember, every place is someones home town. Of course, there are high crime and sketchy areas, but your own common sense will usually tell you when it is time to move along.

    As far as what places you should visit- we don't even know what you would consider obvious! Without some idea of your interests, there's not much we can provide in terms of specific ideas. Once you give us an idea of what you're looking for, we can help with some more details, and of course, the many other resources of RTA, including the Map Center can help you find lots of ideas for interesting and off-the beaten path stops.

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    Default A start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm not familiar with these parts first hand, only by research and taking an interest in these parts, but while 'America sleeps' I could offer you a couple of pointers.

    First you have not mentioned anything of your interests or what might or might not be obvious to you. The more detail you can give, the better the responses will be. With taht in mind I would look around the RTA site, using the search button and by simply scrolling down this page for 'Similar threads' should bring up a ton of ideas. You can also check out the tool bars above, where you will find routes and attractions and you can create your own routes and find attractions along it in the RTA Map centre.

    You can expect a cheap room off Interstate to be from around $45 and a reasonable City place for $65 to $90 a night. If you went for around $75 per night per room it should be OK.

    Everywhere is someones home town where people go about their daily busines every day. Use your built in radar to keep you safe as you would at home, if somewhere doesn't look and feel quite right it usually isn't, so move on.

    If you have an interest in music then an obvious place in Memphis would be Gracelands, but there is also the Sun recording studios and a visit to Tupelo, the 'Kings' birth place might be of interest. You would also have time for a slightly longer loop and head to Nashville and perhaps out to Knoxville and of interest to me, The Great Smokey mountains and the Chattahooche National forest.

    Edit] Roughly what early bird Michael said while I was still typing ! lol
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    Thanks for that, I suppose i meant by obvious was Coca cola in Atlanta, French Quarter in New Orleans and Graceland in Memphis.

    We just like driving and then stopping for an hour or so to see historic sites, nature areas and the odd quirky thing that you come across sometimes in small towns (not sure I even know what i mean by that!).

    I will certainly give your map centre a look.

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    Default Wing it

    Quote Originally Posted by Norfolkboy View Post
    We just like driving and then stopping for an hour or so to see historic sites, nature areas and the odd quirky thing that you come across sometimes in small towns ...
    In that case, take the two-lane highways, and follow any roadside sign or directions indicator. No knowing what gems you may stumble upon.

    As for hotels / motels, pick up discount coupon booklets at rest areas, truck stops, welcome centres, etc. (I believe they are also available online.) Some really good bargains to be had in them. Just make sure you check out the room before you commit.


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    Thanks Lifey, I'm all for bargains!

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