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  1. Default San Francesco to Seattle road trip advise

    Hi, I'm new to the site, found it will trying to plan a trip from San Francisco to Seattle.
    I read RogerM's excellent review of a similar trip, but still have questions.
    Plan on heading out of San Francisco on June 8TH and heading up the Pacific Highway, eventually arriving Seattle.
    We will be traveling in two 31' C class RV's with my adult kids and 4 grand kids, ranging from 8 to 16. Renting from Adventure Touring, does anyone have any experience with this company?
    As we are traveling from Florida, we are intending to rent for 14 days, and fit in as much as possible, tagging on a couple of days in hotels at start and end of our trip..
    Would like some advice on how to break up the trip, where to overnight, places that are a must see etc.
    Would like to spend a couple of days in either Napa/Sonoma and then rejoin Highway 1. Is this recommended. and if so where?
    Would like some suggestions to interest the kids, like the Evergreen Aircraft and Space Museum which houses the Spruce Goose, 5 miles west of McMinnville
    After Mcminnville, we considered heading north on Highway 5 to include either the Columbia River Gorge Road from Vancouver, WA on the north of the river, or the Mt Hood - Columbia river Gorge Loop south of the Columbia River from Portland. Any advice?
    Also, we had considered Mount St Helens/Mount Rainier, the Olympic Loop including the coastal route 112 to Neah Bay or the North Cascades Loop from Seattle.
    Obviously I realize we can't do them all, so which do I leave out?
    Would welcome all the input possible, to make this a memorable trip.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Sounds like quite some family adventure !!

    We don't really do 'must sees' here as it is an individual thing, where one mans dream could be the idea of anothers nightmare. With a big group it is important to involve everyone in the planning [Kid's as well] so that everyone has a vested interest. It'll make for a much happier trip for all concerned. The same would be said for overnight stops. You need to find places that stand out to you and those interests. You certainly have a nice amount of time for the trip and should be able to meander along at a fairly relaxed pace, which is ideal in large RV's with a big group.

    I have not heard of the rental Co you mentioned and they look like an agent rather than operating their own fleet. Often you can find good deals through agents, but I tend to put my trust directly towards the rental Co's rather than a third party. Probably a bit old fashion, but I believe in getting my answers from the so called 'experts' and not someone at a desk who may have no idea other than what I could read in the brochure myself.

    For comparision sake [if you haven't already booked] you could look at a couple of the big National Co's like Cruise America and El Monte and make sure you check for all extras that might not otherwise be included. Prep fees, extra mileage charges, bedroom and kitchen kits, insurances are things that can vary and give a very different 'bottom line' figure compared to the eye catching 'headline'.

    To help with your planning you might find the links in this thread helpful. As you look through each one you can scroll down and you will find another list of 'Similar threads' and so on. Enjoy the planning and as other questions crop up, just ask.

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