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  1. Default Phoenix to Las Vegas via Sedona, Navajo Nation and Grand Canyon

    Hi all

    this is the first "real" road trip we plan in the US, so please bear with me :-). This forum as well as the American West Travelogue have been most helpful to answer many of our questions and to put together a tentative itinerary.

    However, since this is also our first time in the Southwest, we would really appreciate your assistance. Is this itinerary realistic (without constantly being in a rush and driving for too many hours)? Are our estimated travel times correct (google maps, bing maps and rand mcnally deliver often very different travel times)? And of course, all your suggestions are most welcome!

    So here we go:

    Day 1: Phoenix to Sedona, via I 17, SR 260, SR 89a, plus a detour to Jerome; approx. 3 hours
    We plan to see Jerome and Sedona

    Day 2: stay in Sedona, Red Rock State Park, if possible some hiking

    Day 3: Sedona to Flagstaff via SR 89a; approx 50 minutes
    plans: see Oak Creek Canyon, e.g. a short hike or some bathing, and then Flagstaff

    Day 4: Flagstaff to Chinle via I 40 and US 191; 3 hours 30 minutes,
    then in the afternoon a guided tour of the Canyon de Chelly
    Here we have some questions: is the driving time realistic? do we make it for an afternoon tour of the Canyon? Can or should we book in advance? What tour would you suggest?

    Day 5: Chinle to Monument Valley via US 191, Indian Route 59, US 160, US 163; 3 hours; guided tour in the afternoon of Monument Valley (and stay for the night in Kayenta after that).
    Basically, we have the same questions here :-)

    Day 6: Kayenta to Tusayan (Grand Canyon) via US 160, US 89, SR 64, so taking the east entrance; 3 hours
    We plan to the desert view on the way there and then to some walking on the Rim Trail

    Day 7: stay in Tusayan and do some hiking at the Grand Canyon

    Day 8: Tusayan to Kingman via SR 64, I 40 and, of course, from Seligman on SR 66; 3 hours 30 minutes
    Plans: sightseeing in Williams, Seligman and stop along Route 66

    Day 9: Kingman to Las Vegas via US 93; 2 hours 30 minutes
    on the way, we plan to visit Hoover Dam

    Again, your input on whether this is realistic and whether we have enough time to really see the places we visit would be greatly appreciated


    [EDIT] I can't tell when this trip is scheduled for, so I arbitrarily moved it to Summer. We'll move to correct forum when we know more.
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    Welcome aboard RTA!

    From here, it looks like your plan is workable. I would add perhaps 15-20% driving time, though, if you got those from an electronic mapping service. Those don't allow for traffic jams, highway construction, rest area stops, visits to the fuel station, etc.

    How much time you allow at each place is going to determine if you have "enough time to really see the places" you visit. For instance, most folks like at least a full day in the Grand Canyon South Rim -- more if you want to do some hiking INTO the Canyon.


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    Default Looks good.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Your itinerary looks pretty relaxed and quite achievable. You should allow a little more time for travel for 'real world' delays but your distances are no problem to achieve.

    Canyon De Chelley do tours into the canyon or you can go self guided to the view points along the rim. Bookings are recommended for tours between April and October so you would need to check what is the latest time for an afternoon 1/2 day tour and work from there. Allow at least 4 hours to be safe if you book ahead. You can get more details on the NPS site here.

    Monument valley has guided tour services, but you will have lines of Jeeps waiting to take you on the scenic drive through the Buttes. You won't be able to drive it yourself in a rental car without violating your contract as it is classed as 'Off-road'. More from the Tribal park.

    Between Kayenta and the east entance you have the Cameron Trading post which is pretty cool and somewhere you might want to stop for a short while. Take your time along Desert view drive and stop at the viewpoints, the first being from the Old Watchtower [worth checking out] offering expansive views of the Colorado.

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    Thank you so much for moving this thread to the right forum and of course for your answers.

    So we will definitely pre-book a tour at Canyon de Chelley.
    And if I understand correctly, there is no need to book a tour for Monument Valley as they have enough capacity?

    a last question: is the Indian Route from Chinle to Monument Valley in good condition or should we use the highways?

    thanks again

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    Default Famous view of MV.

    Indian route 59 is a two lane paved highway and will be fine to travel between C De C and MV, it's actually the quickest route. Having said that, by taking 191 up to near Bluff and then through Mexican Hat, it will offer you the most recognised view of Monument valley and possibly one of the most iconic pictures of the American Southwest. That's the long, straight, flat desert road with the 'Monuments' rising from the ground in the distance.

    It will also save you doubling back along the same stretch of 163 to Kayenta.

    MV looked well geared up to deal with visitors for the scenic drive, but we travel out of the high season so I'm not sure if queues could form in peak season, perhaps someone else may shed some light.

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    thank you again for the information and your help!


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