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  1. Default roadtrip in 3 weeks RV motorhome from Chicago to Vancouver in springtime (march 15)

    Hi, we are from Holland and we need some help. We are going to make a relocationtrip in 3 weeks with a RV moterhome from Chicago to Vancouver. We like to drive on the Interstate highway 90. Is that possible in springtime? Please give us your tips and advice.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A couple things about your questions.

    First, yes, it is certainly possible to make this drive any time of year. The Interstates are the backbone of american commerce used by thousands of people and thousands of semi trucks every day, and if they weren't open all year, the modern american economy would grind to a halt. They can and do see winter weather, and it is possible it would affect your trip.

    But there are bigger problems/questions about your plans.

    First, You typically can not rent an RV for a one way trip across the border. The best you'd likely be able to do is drop the RV in Seattle, I'd guess.

    Second, this will be a cold time of year to travel in an RV, whose heating systems may not be able to keep up with the weather, and many if not most RV parks will be closed for the season.

    Third, RVs are not moving vans, and in fact, despite their large size, they do a very poor job of acting like one. If you are planning to move any significant number of items inside the RV as part of your relocation, you may need to think again.

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    Hi, Thanks for your quick reply. We already have a rentalcontract by Elmonte in Chicago for a relocationtrip to Vancouver with a campervan. So that is OK and we hope that camper has the equipage for the trip in cold conditions. We will ask them!
    By, Marja

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    Default What are your plans ?

    I thought that perhaps it was the RV being re-located and not yourselves.

    As I understand it you have 3 weeks to get from Chicago to Vancouver, which in theory could be done in 5 days in an RV. So yes you can use 190 and have plenty of time to get there, but what are your plans so far ?

    I would suggest you get a good map of the USA and search RTA for ideas that suit your interests, do a little research and when you have some dots on the map and specific questions about your trip, we can help fill in the blanks.

    It is important to check out the conditions and weather at this time of year as there are many variations. Places like Yellowstone NP are still well into it's 'winter mode'.

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