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    Hi all,

    Me and my friend have booked our flights to LA this May and are planning on driving west to east. We have 2 weeks landing on the 5th and heading out of NYC on the 19th. I was just after some tips/ideas for things to do along Route 66 if that's OK? And also is the plan 'doable' in a 2 weeks time frame?


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The route you have outlined would take about a week of dedicated driving, so yes it's doable, but it's not going to leave you much time to hang around in the places you have listed.

    You should also know that route 66 was decommissioned years ago and although original parts still exist, it has largely been replaced by Interstate. This RTA page has plenty of links to all things '66 that should give you some ideas to get you started.

    Look around the forums, using the search function and by simply scrolling down this page to find Similar threads to help with your planning. You will also find many more resources in the tool bars above like in the Map centre. Once you have got going and your trip unfolds, just let us know as and when you have further questions.

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    Thanks Dave, I was considering in that case maybe getting a flight between Las Vegas to Chicago in order to maximize our time in California and northeast respectively (couple of hours flight vs. 1 day+ driving).

    That way we'll have a approx a week in LA/San Fran/Las Vegas and a week in Chicago/Buffalo/NYC.

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    You have to consider how HUGE the USA actually is. Las Vegas to Chicago is 3 days of dedicated driving by the shortest route, with no other time than that for short rest breaks and food etc. To try and follow parts of '66 would really be 4-5 days minimum.

    Doing two seperate trips and flying could be the answer, but even then you need to keep in mind that LA to SF to LV is 2 days of driving by the quickest routes [Interstate] and the same the other end. Add to that 2 days of flying, if it's an International flight, and a day west to east. You will say goodbye to most of the day, by the time you drop off and pick up rentals, hang around in Airports, plus the 4 hour flight [average gate to gate time]and found a Hotel etc. That will leave you about 7 days between 6 major destinations. That'll work, but you still won't have a bunch of time. If you are aware of that and happy about it, you will do just fine.

    Have you considered concentrating on one side of the country and leaving the other for another day ? Sometimes less is more !

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