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    I am looking to drive from Park City to Squaw Valley the week of Jan 25th... I have been told it is very dangerous.. Please let me know your thoughts on this.. if any of you have done this drive before. I am a NYC woman who just wants to see a bit of our country... I look forward to hearing from you.. thanks

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    Default Ridiculous, relax.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Who told you it is very dangerous and what was the explanation behind this ?

    Millions of Americans go about there business every day and I simply don't understand why someone would say such a thing ! Driving in the winter has the possibility of causing travel disruption on occasion, but if you keep up to date with road and weather conditions and allow yourself enough time to travel safely [including a little 'wiggle' room in case you need to find a rest stop or Motel room earlier than planned in the event of a storm] then you will be fine.

    There are 2 Squaw Valley's in CA, one near Lake Tahoe and one near Sequoia NP. The first is almost 600 miles and I wouldn't recommend being intent on getting there the same day, although with good conditions, it's possible. I would plan an overnight and finish the journey next day as it will be a whole lot more of a relaxed affair. The Squaw valley near Sequoia would definitely be a 2 day drive.

    It is possible that you will see snow in either area and you might want to consider buying snow chains or cables and practice putting them on before you actually need them.

    If you have other concerns just ask, but if you keep well informed on conditions you should have no problems and to be honest, well it's just ridiculous that someone could make such a sweeping statement that it's dangerous. As with everything, if you don't use common sense you could put yourself in harms way, just use common sense. ;-) Remember, Interstates are a priority to keep clear and the traffic moving and you are not likely to see any more than a few hours delay, if anything at all.

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    Default As wide open of a trip as there can be..........

    Hello agentofchange,

    If you're headed from ski area to ski area (Park City to Squaw Valley), you're looking at I-80 nearly all the way. Once you reach the floor of the Great Salt Lake Basin down at the bottom of Parley's Canyon at the SLC city limits, you're in 4,000' elevation territory all the way to Wendover, at the NV state line. Between Wendover and Wells there's a single pass at about 6,900' and a segment running around 5,000' through Elko to Battle Mountain, then the highway drops back down to the 4,500' range for the remainder of the distance to Reno. I mention the elevations since weather is so dramatically affected by elevation out there. There are essentially no services/fuel from Tooele, UT, around 15 miles west of the SLC airport, all the way to Wendover, a distance of around 80 miles, but from Wendover on to the west there are travel plazas and/or small towns not less frequently than around 35-50 miles apart. Central Nevada from Elko to Winnemucca and Lovelock is one gold mining boom town after another, so there is a good complement of local traffic on I-80 and the intrastate and interstate tractor-trailer traffic is present, too. This is not a lonely highway by any stretch of the imagination. Given that the posted speed limit in western UT and most of NV is 75 mph, this is a trip which fits nicely into an early start and arrival before dark, even in late January.

    Please order some snow for Park City, won't you? I'm scheduled to arrive for my annual ski trip on Saturday, and it's been more than a little scarce since early December.

    Safe travels,


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