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    Default san fransico to las vegas

    hi we are planning a trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas. we are spending our first 3 nights in San Fran then have 15 day to travel before arriving in Las Vegas for 3 nights then flying home. we would really appreciate any advice on what to see and were to stop at . many thanks roni

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    Default very very popular

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Trips between San Francisco and Vegas are far and away the most popular and most discussed trip outlines on this forum. Actually, a loop is often a better choice, as it lets you see the Coast, Death Valley, and Yosemite in a nice neat circle. Beyond those things, you can always look at the Grand Canyon or some of the parks in Utah.

    Take a look at these threads to get started, and once you've got a better idea of what it is you want to do, we can help you work out the details.

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    hi thanks for the advice had a look at the threads. we have decided on our route. we will be starting in san fransico then to yosemite, monterey,los angeles,san diego,phoenix,monument valley,grand canon then arriving in las vegas. any advice on how many nights to stay in each place and places to visit would be very welcome. thanks roni

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    wow, all that in 15 days?

    Hi Roni, ive been planning and looking for the ultimate road trip.
    I've come up with this route.

    I Want to do this in 4 weeks. See also this topic.

    I think that you should skip some things you want to see, or stay in Vegas and SF only one (Max 2) nights.

    I haven't done this trip yet, but i think that 15 days may be to short for all that.

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    Default It's your time.

    Hi Roni

    I think your route will work out OK with 15 days as they do not include your nights in SF or LV by the looks of things.

    any advice on how many nights to stay in each place and places to visit would be very welcome. thanks roni
    I would recommend a couple of days in Yosemite and you will need two half days to get there and back from the coast. From Monterey to LA you should allow for at least one overnight stop and drive the scenic coast highway around Big Sur. The Cambria/Cayacus area perhaps, maybe a Hearst castle tour ? So you could easily take 5 days just to arrive in LA and I would imagine you would want a couple of days there to make the burden of LA traffic worth tackling. I would also think at least a couple of nights and 3 days around the Monument valley and Grand canyon area before continuing to Vegas. That would take about 10 of your 15 days and leave you a days drive from SD to Phoenix. That then would leave a day and a half in each of SD and Phoenix with the drive times from LA and to GC.

    That's just a rough guide from my point of view. It's what holds the strongest appeals to you that is the most important thing here and how you can make it fit into those plans. What is it you that attracts you to Phoenix for example ? That's not a judgement or anything, it's just that if you know what you are going there for, you can get an idea of the time it might take to visit. Likewise for elsewhere on the trip.

    On a personal note, I would have gone from LA to the GC to Monument valley and up into Southern Utah [Zion and Bryce canyon NP's] and back down I15 to Vegas and skipped SD and Phoenix, but I'm a sucker for the natural beauty of the National parks.

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    Me and my girlfriend have done this road trip twice! It is amazing!

    My advice would be not to plan too much, dont bother with sat nav/gps just go old school and grab a good map and head south!! Stick to the Pacific coast highway and you cant go far wrong!!

    When you head to Vegas, plan to arrive as it is going dark! Cant beat seeing the lights in the distance!!

    Try to get to motels in the afternoon if you can help it. You dont want to be driving around in the evening looking for a place to stay.

    Anyway hope you enjoy!!

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