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    Well the kids are now 1 and 3 and I thinks we are ready for our first road trip. We want to go to seseme street place, in PA. The total distanced rom Memphis to PA is 16 hours. At first I was thinking this was an impossible trip but after using the road trip wizard
    I see this is a doable quest. The wizard
    Had a lot of state park attractions... Is anyone aware of any kiddie theme attraction enroute?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you mAy have.

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    Default Two days each way in the real world.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm not sure why you would think it an impossible trip, providing you have the time available to do it safely. You mention it is 16 hours from Memphis to Sesame street place, but I would guess that the time estimate has come from a 'virtual world' on-line mapping program. These are almost always overly optimistic as they don't need to rest, fill up with gas or cater for the needs of 2 young ones, never mind traffic and construction delays and the like that we deal with in the 'real world'. It is going to take 2 days of driving each way with the appropriate breaks and to get a good nights sleep. Even with 4 days there and back, you will end up being on the road for 9-10 hours a day, as it's a little over 1000 miles each direction.

    I can't help with personal reccomendations in this area, but I would suggest you take a different route in each direction for a change of scenery.

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    Default Easy

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    At just over a thousand miles, this is a drive that should be measured in days, not hours. You are looking at a minimum of two days if you just drove straight through with stops only for meals, gas, and restroom breaks. If you want to give the kids a chance to run around a bit in some fresh air, then you're looking at three days. Certainly, there are places all along the major highways where you can take short breaks where the kids can run and yell to their hearts' content as well as tons of historic sites. It would also be worth your time to figure out roughly how often and where you plan to spend the night(s) on your trip and see what is available in the way of children's museums and the like. Just be sure to add the time for those visits to your total transit time. For example, if you planned to take a leisurely three days, your overnights would be around Knoxville TN and Harrisonburg VA.


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    There are a number of state parks along I-40 and parts of I-81 (including Shenandoah National Park) where kids can stretch and enjoy the fresh air, too.

    In PA, Hershey has a place that kids of all ages would enjoy!


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