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  1. Default San Fran - LA - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Yellowstone

    I was wondering if this trip is possible starting around 12th April? The link below is to the map I have created of the trip..except it doesn't include traveling back from Yellowstone to Salt Lake City as I couldn't do enough waypoints!

    I have NO experience roadtripping so I'd be really grateful if anyone could suggest how long each leg of the trip would take and how much I might expect spend?

    San Fran - LA (Coastal route)
    LA - Las Vegas
    Las Vegas - Zion NP
    Zion NP - Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon - Monument Valley
    Monument Valley - Arches NP/Moab
    Arches/Moab - Salt Lake City
    Salt Lake - Bonneville - Salt Lake
    Salt Lake - Yellowstone - Salt Lake

    Thanks to anyone that shares their thoughts!

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    Default Except...

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    Unfortunately, Yellowstone usually does not open to casual (non-snow) travelers until late April or early May, so you'll be running the distinct chance of arriving there and not being able to get in. You can check on actual conditions as the date approaches, but at best it will be cold and the park will still have significant snow cover.


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    Sadly you might be right. But if we are lucky if April isn't too cold, it will be open by the 20th and if we get there towards the end of the month at least the Old Faithful area will be worth a visit?

    This bit of the trip could be left to the last minute I suppose..

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    Default A plan 'B' perhaps ?

    How much time have you for the trip ?

    It's usually mid May into June before Yellowstone is fully operational and it could be real tricky in April, plus it's a long way away from your other destinations. It shouldn't put you off all together, but it's worth considering other options. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be cold, but could also be spectacular in the solitude !!

    If you planning on finishing in SLC you will have one drop off charges on your car rental to consider. You could consider starting and finishing in SF and think about visiting Sequoia NP and Yosemite NP. Although the high ground in Yosemite will most likely still be closed off due to winter snow accumulation [if it finally arrives!!] the valley is spectacular at this time of year with the waterfalls flowing with the spring melt. Bryce canyon, Capitol Reef and Death valley are other places you could include in the loop.

    Cost will depend on many things and the longer you are on the road the more it will cost. What is your biggest restriction, time or money ? You need to make those 2 things meet in the middle along with what lodgings and transport preferences andcosts are going to be, and how many travellers will be sharing those costs.

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    So does three weeks sound about right? Assuming the weather is good, could we do the trip I've imagined in that time? Cost is the big factor I suppose..I'm thinking about $3500 each? I could be way off! My mate suggested going 100 miles a day but I wouldn't have that much time..Having not done anything like this before I'd be grateful to know what people's experiences are..

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    We are planning a far less ambitious trip to Yellowstone, starting in Denver, We are already finding that three weeks is too short!

    We are pretty familiar with the other part of your trip and would suggest S.F. - Yosemite - Death Valley - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Monument Valley and the back to L.A. This would make a good three week trip. On second thought, the weather would scupper that, as the route through Yosemite would be closed. Maybe do it in reverse.

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