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    Happy new year to all!

    I've read most of your trip Dave. I'm really exited to go on this trip :)

    I'll asume there are signs to the Trail of 100 Giants right?
    I'll fine-tune my route a bit, and then i will start booking the hotels.

    Tnx again for the help!

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    Default So you should be.......... will have a fantastic time !!

    I'll asume there are signs to the Trail of 100 Giants right?
    Hmm, good question [?] Theres certainly a sign once you get close !! lol. We purchased more detailed State maps prior to travelling, but even so, in isolated parts like this mountain route I printed off some detailed routes from Google Maps to assist in finer detail. If you look at that section in detail you will see that north out of Kernville will take you through Johnsondale and then you will come to a junction where you turn right and head North, it's then a short drive to the 'Giants'. Continue in the same direction and you end up on 190 towards Porterville/Strathmore.

    Kernville is a lovely little town for a stroll and if you have any doubts speak to one of the Locals, they are a friendly bunch. Great Pancakes in Cheryls Diner too ! Enjoy the planning and if new questions come up, don't hesitate to ask.

    Happy New Year to you !! [I'm sure it will be and I will look forward to hearing all about your trip later in the year. [Hint Hint ;-) ]

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    Default Speak with the Rangers.

    Another great, and often overlooked resource is the local Ranger. These are the people who visit and patrol the parks and forests, and have the latest on all conditions, roads, campgrounds, etc. And so very often, they are able to suggest an attraction / path / sight which is a little out of the ordinary, which you may not find on the internet or in guide books. The sort of thing only the locals know.

    You will find Ranger Stations (and similar) in or near most natural attractions. I make a point of always asking to speak with the Ranger, rather than speaking with the office staff.


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    I personally cut out some of California and would add Sante Fe, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado (the Rocky Mountains are a must)

  5. Default Grand Canyon roads closed in summer?

    On 25 and 26 july we are staying in a hotel in Tusayan.
    I've read somewhere that the roads on the Grand Canyon wil be closed in the summer.

    Can we travel bij car from Tusayan to the South rim visitor center? Of do we have to take busses?

    And on 27 july we travel to Monument Valley.
    Can we just take the 64 Road? (East rim drive) or do we have to drive through Flagstaff?
    I've read somewhere that the trip from GC to MV is about 6 hours. But when i use Google Maps it only takes 3.5 Hours.


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    Default you're good

    You can drive all the roads you are talking about and you don't need to go anywhere near flagstaff. The east rim/desert view/AZ-64 is completely open for driving, as is the road from Tusayan to the Visitor Center.

    There are roads within the park that are only accessable via shuttle bus, to prevent overcrowding, such as the Road to Hermits Rest. Once you've arrived at the visitors center, you'll likely want to exclusively use the buses to get around, rather than spend your day hunting for parking. There is a shuttle bus from Tusayan to the Visitors Center, but this is optional. Here is more details about the GC shuttle bus service.

    The 6 hour drive time estimate from MV would include time to make some stops at the various viewpoints between the east entrance and the visitors center. If you just drove through that section of the park without stopping (not recommended!) then google's estimate would be in the ballpark.

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    Once you leave the park on the East Rim Drive, it's 3 hours to MV with no stops. However, you may want to make a couple stops - on 64 you will see roadside stands where Native Americans sell jewelry and trinkets - if you buy them here rather than in tourist stores the family that operates the stand (who also makes the items) get the money. You also may want to stop at the Cameron Trading Post to look through the store and get something to eat.

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    Hi again,

    21 july is comming fast, so the planning is almost complete.
    Im planning to book our Alcatraz tickets soon. First i wanted to take the 'early bird' trip at 0930h. But i've read some info about the SF fog.
    Around 10 augus we want to take the trip.
    Is the Sf fog the worst in the morning or around the end of the day? So what should be the best time for the trip?

    And we travel to monument valley. Can the MV loop be done in a normal car? (ive reserved a dodge charger) or can we better take the tour?

    Thanks again!

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    I can't speak to the fog question, but I would not recommend taking a rental car on the MV loop. It is a rough dirt road that will most certainly violate the terms of your rental agreement. You could probably get through it just fine, but you'd be taking a big and unnecessary risk.

    Also remember, just because you've reserved a Dodge Charger, it doesn't mean that's the model you'll get. You'll get whatever they have available in a full sized car.

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    Ok tnx!
    We have rented the car at dollar.
    If we dont have the Dodge can we come back a few days later to check again? Or do you just have to drive with the car you picked?

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