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    Default National Parks Road Trip, June-July 2012

    Hello from Scotland!

    I am graduating from University at the end of June and I planning to doing a Road Trip around SW America with two friends shortly after. We have not yet booked anything but are planning on flying into SF/LV and take 14-21 days to Road trip around the National Forests/Parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Teton, Bryce, Zion, Arches and GC... does anyone have any particular hikes/adventures/camping spots that they would recommend in these parks? Is this route practical.. goggle maps says it is 3,000 miles, is 14+ days enough?

    As we are all under 25, hiring a car will be more expensive so to keep costs down we will bring camping gear with us and are happy to "rough it". We were not planning on booking ahead campsites and instead have a 'where ever the wind takes us' approach... is this practical or will the camp sites book up for the end of June/Early July?

    Thank you for your advice! We have been saving for this trip since we were 18 and any help on how to make it unforgettable would be fantastic!


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    Default It's possible.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The National parks are very popular and the campgrounds can sell out pretty quick. Some have non-reservable sites that are on a 'First come-first served' basis. You can't just set up camp anywhere you please, it has to be in a designated area. If you want to 'Wing it' you will almost always find somewhere to stay, but it might not be in the most popular parks like Yosemite and GC.

    When you arrive at the NP's entry kiosks you will be given leaflets and guide books and the park Rangers are very enthusiastic and helpful when explaining their personal favourite spots and hikes, of which there are many in each park. I would suggest going to where you can get all the info you need on each park.

    You can certainly visit all of the parks you have listed in a couple of weeks, but just as easily you could spend 2 weeks in just 2 or 3 of them. It's how you wish to balance things out, but there is much more than just the National parks in each area and the Tetons and Yellowstone are quite a bit further north than the others. If you wanted to include those in your plans I would certainly be looking to stretch it to the whole 3 weeks or you might feel as though you have rushed through. Each park is pretty amazing and most are HUGE !

    Presumably you are over 21 years of age when you travel ? If not you could have a problem in being able to rent a vehicle at all.

    Have a dig around the forums and check out the planning resources in the tool bars above and when new questions crop up, just ask !

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    Default Sounds great!

    This will be an awesome and memorable trip! We did a similar one in June/July this year and you can see the posts by searching "First big RV trip Ohio to West". Another one you will find helpful (I did!) is the one by one of our moderators called "Denver to Four Corners Loop" Theres a lot in both of those about fun stuff to do and where we stayed/went.

    In general, you will find you want to spend longer in each park, and will usually be disappointed to have to leave so soon. You may want to pare your list down a bit, as there is enough in each park to spend 3-4 days and in some of the larger ones, you can easily spend a week! Your list also includes parks that are really far apart. We were forced to choose between a northern loop (Teton, Yellowstone) and a southern one (Bryce, GC, Zion, Arches) just due to time. (and we had 25 days....) Just food for thought.

    Good luck!


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