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    We are planning a short road trip for 2-3 days next week (after Christmas) from Somerset NJ to Pine Creek Gorge PA, via Jim Thorpe PA. Want this trip to focus on scenic views (mountains, lakes etc) and also perhaps some snow fun activities if we can (weather permitting) on Big Boulder or any other ski area nearby. Please suggest any points of interest/attractions on this route, with scenic views this time of the year, or any particular road/byway we should take. Any suggestions on reasonably priced places to stay would help too.

    Any help/tips would be appreciated.


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    Getting into Jim Thorpe there aren't a lot of options. If you look at a topographic map of the area, you'll see why. There are a lot of hunting areas along this route (seasons listed here); I mention this if you were planning on venturing into the woods at all.

    Whenever I'm in the area, I usually stay in New Tripoli in a lodge, so I don't have much info on other lodging. I do know there are some interesting spots in or near Jim Thorpe (such as The Inn) that have always intrigued me, but they may be above your price range.

    Williamsport is home to the Little League World Series, but outside of that the city is generally quiet (at least it was the last time I was there.) There's also a town nearby called "Jersey Shore" - but I don't think it's quite as famous as the one on MTV.

    Most of the secondary roads in the area offer little in amenities, but do generally offer a nice drive with little to no traffic. I'm not familiar with any outstanding scenic views along the route, however.

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    By taking just a slightly more northern route than the I-78 route that will pop up on any mapping software, you can enjoy one of the truly scenic treasures of the northeast, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. To get there you'd just take US-206 from I-287 up to Stanhope and then I-80 over to the Delaware River. You'd then continue on to Jim Thorpe via US-209. Beyond that, you will be crossing several ridges of the Appalachian Mountains and scenic beauty will never be far away. There are several state parks near your route that would be worth a visit and hike, including Beltzville, Lehigh Gorge, and Little Pine.


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    Thanks for the replies. They have been helpful. Anyone throwing light on the Grand Canyon of PA i.e Pine Creek Gorge area and if its worth a visit in winter (Christmas week precisely) will be great too. Or tips about beautiful surrounding places ..

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    Having only been to beautiful PA in summer, I don't know how scenic or accessible these are in winter. But not far from Jim Thorpe is Hickory Park. (The locals will rave about it, and send you there.) Jim Thorpe itself is a lovely little hamlet. All the country side around there is very scenic. And not all that far away, west of I-81, right at the intersection of route 11 and 92 is the magnificent Tunkhannock Viaduct. There are other places where this viaduct can be seen as well. It is quite spectacular.


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