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    hi, me and my wife have 5 days maybe 6 days vocation, we like to have a relax and scenic road trip of course with good food if possible at dec 22-26(27). i know blue ridge parkway will close when there are snow coming. so i like to have 2 plan which first one is nyc drive to skyline dr to blue ridge parkway to gatlinburg if possible and second plan is .......?

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    other places like canada or maine or somewhere i can make it in 5 or 6 days

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    Is this one way or round trip? It would help us to know that.

    As far as "Plan B" is concerned, I recommend opening up a map of the US and seeing what's in an 800 - 1000 mile range of you. (Two driving days there, two there, and two to return.) There is so much to see in the country that we could suggest and suggest and still not mention something of interest to YOU!

    Both Skyline and the Blue Ridge could close because of weather -- or possibly, only sections can close. But you may have that going in any direction. So you might choose a "Plan C" as well. ;-)


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    Default Pennsylvania

    Have you thought about exploring the many attractions both natural and man made in Pennsylvania. One could spend a month in that State, and not see all the attractions.


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