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  1. Default First drive with wife and kids from Massachusetts to the villages in Florida..

    We will be traveling soon to Florida from Massachusetts and was wondering if anyone could tell me if my time plan works...

    I am planning on leaving around 2am on a Thursday Morning from my home and going 95S though RI/Ct/Ny via the George Washington Bridge and then onto NJ turnpike south. The plan is to be in Wilson NC around 4-5pm The distance from my home to Wilson Nc is 706 miles according to AAA and staying overnight and continuing the next morning for the remainder of the ride to Ocala Florida which again according to AAA is about 583 miles and about 9hours.

    We have 2 boys ages 8-11 so we will be making a few pit stops I am sure, but they are use to long rides in the car and know how to entertain us and them.

    So does this seem feasible? Can it be done in 2 days?

    Thanks for any help you can give me. Any Advice would be Helpful also!!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Telling us "states" makes it very difficult to give you good advice, especially when you've got a destination like Florida where it is more than a full day drive from one end to the other.

    What I can say is that your first day will not go as you've planned. You're trying to do about 700 miles, which is a brutally long day on the road, especially when you've got kids. Trying to do it along the most congested traffic corridor on the continent makes the problem even worse. 13 hours would be an absolute best case, I'd expect you would be more like 14 or 15 hours.

    I'll also note a couple things about your plan to leave at 3am. One, that would put you hitting the NYC area right around 7am, and if you're say an hour late to hit the road (because getting out the door always takes a little longer than you'd like) that means you'd be even deeper into the rush hour. Also simply think about if its really worth it to throw off your own sleep pattern, and risk being exhausted in the afternoon, and into the future to get that head start.

    I suspect there may be better route choices, and I suspect you will likely need more time. Starting from Boston, getting just to Petersburg VA would be a very full day on the road. And I suspect that whereever your destination in Florida is, that its probably more than the 9 hours you are hoping for from your planned stop in NC.

    I'll also say that trying to numb kids by feeding them video games and dvds is IMHO a huge waste of a roadtrip. They can watch a screen anytime, and I will tell you that on my family trips the amount of screen time is very much limited on the road. Here are some more tips for a great family trip.

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    My sleep pattern should be fine. I get up everyday between 230-300 for work so I am fine early and should be able to handle driving the distance. I will also be letting the wife drive from time to time so I will be getting a break. I just recently did Mass to Dc via 95 and we left at 7:00am and arrived in Dc at 245pm. That was also on a weekday. So that is where I am getting my time frame from.
    Our Destination is The Villages which are located between Ocala and about 90 miles North of Orlando.

    Thank you for your suggestions I printed them out and will be giving them to the wife...

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