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    Default Road trip from Toronto to the Grand Canyon in late december.

    Hello all,

    I'm a 23 year old Canadian military member planning on driving from Toronto, Ontario Canada to the Grand Canyon.
    I'm likely to leave on the 23rd of December with my 32 year old cousin. We are both fit and enthusiastic drivers and this will be our first trip across multiple states. I am very familiar with Canadian winters, but have only driven through New York winters which are similar. I am looking for advice/timelines in regards to the length of time we could be looking at in arriving to the Grand Canyon… I personally have plenty of holidays, but my cousin is limited to 7 days and nights, is this trip realistic within that time frame?
    We are both interested in stopping and taking picture in major areas of interest along the way.
    I am hoping to get confirmation today from a good friend of mine (24yrs old/military) who is also very interested in the trip. We have agreed in taking turns driving, so we could avoid stopping in hotels/motels or even bringing along a tent if there are areas we’d be able to set up camp.
    Any sort of advice would be great, we each have about $600 US for spending money, I know it’s not much but this is a sort of last minute adventure we all want to partake. Ideally I would like to get to the canyon asap and then take the roads scenic wise on the way back. Thank you for any suggestions you may have and any tips are greatly appreciated!
    ... Oh one last thing Of course if needed we all have credit cards as well, so our spending does have some playing room.

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    Default If and Only If

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It is a four day minimum drive each way between Toronto and the Grand Canyon under normal circumstances. In order to make it in less you really have to start giving up so many things and taking on such hardships as to make the trip not worth the effort. Yes, it is possible for a day or two to keep driving steadily with a three man rotation. But that only works if you rigidly adhere to a schedule where two people (driver navigator/co-pilot) are awake at all times and the third person is getting real, useful sleep. That means he is not up enjoying the view and just 'resting'. That means the vehicle provides a comfortable place to sleep and not just scrunched up in the back seat. And that means that whoever's turn it is to sleep when you get to the Grand Canyon sleeps through the point of the trip. Further, getting there and back in your stated timeframe means no stopping for 'extraneous' photo-ops along the way.

    Nevertheless, I will grant you that you are young, fit, and have the mental and physical discipline to possibly pull off a modified version of your plan. You're going to need $600-700 for gas and about $600 for food, so if you actually each have $600 you can afford some nights in decent motels to get some real sleep. So, what I'd suggest is that you plan on doing 36-38 hour drives, broken by 10-12 hour nights in motels. That is, drive through one night, but get real sleepthe next. And adhere to the 2 awake/1 asleep schedule while driving. With reasonable (and necessary) mental and physical breaks from actually driving during your long 'drive' stretches, you should be able to make the one-way journey in 3-3½ days or so. But that's the limit, I think. And I trust that at least one of you will have the clear headed judgement to call a halt to the enterprise if, at any point, it proves too much.


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    Another point to take note of is that you may want to notify your credit card company about your pending trip. There is nothing quite like finding out that your credit card has been "shut off" when you are 2500 miles from home. A call to their customer service line can usually help in this regard.

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