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  1. Default roadtrip in december from san fran to new york via las vegas and grand canyon

    hi all we are a couple from new zealand wanting to know what are the best routes to take during winter from san fran to new york. The only two places that we really want to go to is las vegas and the grand canyon. The rest would just be down to spontaneity. I just want to know what routes we should avoid?
    I would like to avoid colorado at all costs as i know winters bad there and we dont want to get stuck or anything even though we have good coverage with our rental. If anyone could suggest some really good places we could drive through with motels and restaurants along the way that would be grand!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your questions are a bit of an impossibility to answer - because they fall on opposite ends of the spectrum.

    First, there's no generic all-purpose "best routes." There are millions of route combinations you could take, but the "best" one will depend upon what you want to see. I'd suggest spending some time thinking about the other things you might want to see. Every route will have motels and restaurants, so that's pretty much a non-factor - again, unless you are looking for some specific places. Other factors you'll have to consider are, how much time do you have and what are your interests, and without that info its hard to even start taking a guess at what you might work best.

    The other aspect as to bad weather, if you want to drive from SF to NY without the risk of winter weather, you can't do it. There simply is no way to drive from coast to coast in winter without having the chance of seeing bad weather, and just because you are south isn't necessarily a help. Already this year, southern New Mexico as seen far worse snowstorms than Chicago! Saying you want to "avoid Colorado at all costs" because you might see bad weather there is an overreaction that could easily have you miss perfect weather and drive into the teeth of a snowstorm. In fact, one specific thing to keep in mind is that the Grand Canyon is at an elevation of about 7,000 feet and that entire area can and does see snow, in fact the north rim is blocked by snow during the winter months (south rim is open year round). The only way to avoid driving in snow is to simply watch the forecasts, which you won't know until right before you leave or are actually on the road.

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