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  1. Default NEED help for LA to NYC road trip!

    Hey guys,
    im planning a roadtrip from la to nyc with my girlfriend, we are feom england so we dont really know how to go about it.
    We intend on a getting a van or camper when we land in LA, but we dont know whether to rent or buy one?!
    Also if anyone can suggest a route rhat would be amazing, we hav 6 weeks to travel and we really wana see the grand canyon and vegas but apart feom that i dont know where wlse to go! any advise would be amazing thanks!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    As far as the dilemma, "to buy or to rent", you probably don't have that choice. Very few non-residents have been able to purchase a vehicle in the US, because most states require residency, a state driver license, and more. There's currently an entire discussion going on about that in one of the other forums.

    Six weeks to travel and you'd like to see Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, but have no other ideas. I would suggest getting a large USA map (from a map store, an auto association if you are a member of one, or a travel agent) and then spend some time just looking at it. You will see things that may intrigue you. Use this website to look up many sites as well. Once you get some points of interest, we can help you connect the dots and the map center here can give you other points along the way. There are so many ways across the US, that we couldn't begin to name them.

    Have fun with the planning!


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    Default Some starting points

    When is this trip to take place? You have posted in the Fall & Winter Forum, but exactly when will you be arriving. This will affect both your route, and some of the things you may wish to do and see.

    Follow Donna's advice, and start off with a good sized map of the US. For me, the National Geographics Wall Map is hard to beat. It has all the major urban centres, major routes and highways as well as all the National and State Parks and other attractions.

    For a vehicle - as already mentioned, it is almost impossible to purchase a vehicle as a non-resident, and I would go so far as to say, certainly not economical for a mere 6 weeks. Actually, it is quite easy to purchase the vehicle. The hurdles come when you try getting it registered and insured. (I am considering it for a six month trip!) Further more, if you have a mishap or breakdown in a rented vehicle they replace it smartly. If it is your own vehicle, you could be held up for weeks, and be out of pocket more $$$$ than you thought you'd save.

    The other question is, why are you thinking of getting a camper or van? Your research you may show that an economical sedan, together with basic hotel/motel accommodation, could work out more economical. With six weeks, you could consider doing a loop trip of the major sites you wish to see. It would be a considerable saving of the one-way drop fee. And you may find that flying into and out of the same airport is probably cheaper as well.

    Maybe you could start by considering and researching the above, and when you have some dots on the map, come back with any questions you may have. There is always someone here to give advice.

    Enjoy the planning.


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