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  1. Default Trip Advise from Phoenix to LV to Grand Canyon to Flagstaff to Phoenix


    I am my wife are planning for a christmas trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas then to GCNP and Flagstaff.

    But there are certain queries I have,

    1) Is it a feasible trip starting early morning 24thDec,2011 and returning back on 31st Dec,2011.considering the Winter Storm and winter condition in GCNP and Flagstafft?

    2) My wife is fond of snow shoeing, and wanted to do that. Is Arizona snowball is best place to go for that or Flagstaff nordic center for Family fun in snow?

    3) What is to see in Grand canyon? Will it be open in this time of the year.
    4) IF winter doesnt allow us to compelte the second half of the journey that is from LV to GCNP and Flagstaff? What other scenic options or familt travel do I have from LV. Remember I need to get back to Phoenix so option that are not very much in diversion from this route are welcome..


    LAst but not the least, I heard some very bad stories about Flagstaff traffic in December? Is it virtually impossible to drive in Snow around this time of the year. Any special precaution I need to take, I have a 2000 Toyotta corolla, Shall I opt for something good in terms of vhicle? Do I need to have my tire c hained because of snow?

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    Default Winter on the Colorado Plateau

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    The thing to keep in mind as you visit the Flagstaff area, including the south rim of the Grand Canyon, is that it is all on the Colorado Plateau - at a base elevation of 7,000-8,000 feet. So even though most of the country would consider it to be 'south', it gets mighty cold and sees considerable snow. The South Rim is kept open year-round with some hefty plowing. The North Rim, only a few miles away as the crow flies, is abandoned to the winter elements and shuts from November to May. You will see snow in this area in December. If you are not used to driving in it, that could be a problem. Flagstaff has the typical urban problems with snow, namely how to plow around all the parked cars. So the streets get narrower as winter progresses and parking spaces disappear. Again, if you are not used to driving in an urban winter environment you will have problems.

    Should any of the above keep you from going and enjoying your trip? Not in the least. Just be flexible. Assume that there will be a day or two when you are going to be far better off not driving, but rather staying warm in your accommodations and/or simply walking to local venues as your sight seeing activity. The Snowbowl is a downhill ski area and is not really set up for snowshoeing. The Flagstaff Nordic Center, as its name implies, is more appropriate for cross-country activities.

    Seven days or so should allow you a very relaxed vacation. If conditions should prevent you from including Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon (unlikely), then you can consider Death Valley, Valley of Fire, Mojave National Preserve, Lake Havasu City and Prescott as alternatives.


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