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  1. Default los angeles to new york in winter in southern states

    I am planning on moving to new york by mid-december using the southern states from los angeles. I have to first stop in Missouri to pick up my things (because i had lived there previously and took a plane back home AND the woman living there is selling the house asap). The one thing im the most worried about is the fact I am driving in my Honda Civic. Its a 2001, in really good condition actually, I take very good care of my car. After stopping in missouri, I will be heading back up to holbrook, New york right after. I know I will need new tires, chains, and have a mechanic look at my car to make sure everything is good on it, but what else do i need? Any advice on what highways to take and what to look out for? I will more than likely be solo on this one, so please help! Leaving in 2 weeks!!!

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    Default That Will Depend

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your choice of routes will depend, for the most part, not on the weather (which no one can predict this far in advance) but on where in Missouri you're going, how much time you have for the journey, and what your interests are - none of which you've told us.

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    I'll ditto what AZ Buck has said, but will add the following:

    If heading for MO in the winter months, going by way of I-40 as far as OKC is probably among the better choices. In OKC you have your choice of going north on I-35 to KC, or taking I-44 to Joplin. As Buck said, that will depend on where in MO you're going. (I live in San Diego area and regularly travel between here and Jefferson City.)

    From there it might just be about the easiest to jump on I-70 east to NY.

    Last summer we took I-40 to I-81 to I-80 to get to NJ/NY. On the way west, we took I-80 to I-76/I-71 to I-70, which we took all the way to I-15 south. I wouldn't recommend that route in the winter because I-70 in CO goes up to 11,000 ft elevation. Our car is a year newer than yours and it made the 6500 mi round trip easily -- because hubby always has it serviced!


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    I don't think you will need to buy chains. I have had to put chains on my vehicle exactly twice in over 40 years, and both times I really didn't have any business being out on the roads anyway. California is really the only state that routinely has a chain requirement for passenger cars. A brand new set of all-season radial tires should be sufficient on a front drive vehicle.

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